Adults React To Aladdin Trailer And Memes

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Aladdin trailer & memes reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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Adults react to Aladdin trailer & memes. Watch to see their reactions.
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Adults React To Aladdin Trailer And Memes

Aladdingeniewill smithAdults React To Aladdin Trailer And Memes

FBE 4 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „
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Brielle and Robyn Wiebe
Brielle and Robyn Wiebe 3 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „
Empty Soul26 shout out by FBE
Brielle and Robyn Wiebe
Brielle and Robyn Wiebe 3 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „
Hey can you react to TikTok pppppplllllllsssss
messi lionel
messi lionel 4 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „
Can u do a reaction video about universe size comparison 3D
Jorge Montaรฑo
Jorge Montaรฑo 4 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „
21 Savage A Lot ft J Cole
Creven Devoss
Creven Devoss 10 ์‹œ๊ฐ„ ์ „
I personally think they should have gotten robin Williams friend (Nathan Lane) to play genie bc of their friendship and connection in birdcage they should've went to Nathan Lane for the genie in Aladdin and I mean it is not like Nathan Lane doesn't have any disney experience I mean he was freaking timon for goodness sakes
xsx gax
xsx gax ์ผ ์ „
The movie is really good tbh the power of the music and the songs wow
F r e i d a
F r e i d a ์ผ ์ „
Why do some of them hate it? It looks really good and it is really good. Also, how is live action Jasmine supposed to look like original Jasmine??
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper ์ผ ์ „
0:42 why tf is a human gonna look like princess jasmine๐Ÿ˜‚
pikaseel 2 ์ผ ์ „
Skip forward several months and 93% of people who saw the movie liked it.
Simple Thoughts
Simple Thoughts 2 ์ผ ์ „
Nobody gave Will Smith a chance. I saw the movie, and he did AMAZING as the Genie. I laughed so much!
Firegamerv02 2 ์ผ ์ „
I thought the same at first until i saw it.
Ana Ortega
Ana Ortega 3 ์ผ ์ „
this is one of the occasions where the movie is better than the trailer . personally i thought the cast was perfect n they did well in preserving the โ€œdisney magicโ€ . as far as will being the genie , he didnโ€™t remake robinโ€™s version , he made it his own and i think that worked out quite well
avirup paul
avirup paul 4 ์ผ ์ „
This video now makes so many people look so stupid. Love them but this video is stupid. The Genie was blue and in human form it was like Will Smith. The actors were amazing, the music was GREAT ! The movie was BEYOND ! This just goes to show how quick we are to jump to conclusions !
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper 4 ์ผ ์ „
Iโ€™m kinda raging about these people๐Ÿ˜‚ the movie was honestly better than the original in my opinion
Hansquirell_ ์ผ ์ „
Toilet Paper exactly, Robbin Williams and the genie character is the only thing that made the movie epic other than that the 2019 move was way better I donโ€™t even give a shit what anybody says
salah mohie
salah mohie 4 ์ผ ์ „
Hate it hate it ใ€ŠNot trying to be mean I'm a fan of fbeใ€‹
salah mohie
salah mohie 4 ์ผ ์ „
Crazy Cool
Crazy Cool 5 ์ผ ์ „
This video makes me so mad because the movie is amazing and the actors were great. Will Smith especially, he made me laugh during the movie a lot
A Reinoehl
A Reinoehl 6 ์ผ ์ „
Who has already seen Aladdin 2019?
dani williams
dani williams 7 ์ผ ์ „
i gonna say a whole new world aswell :-)
salah mohie
salah mohie 7 ์ผ ์ „
The Supreme Pizza
The Supreme Pizza 4 ์ผ ์ „
Thereโ€™s no time to wait, comrade. The Communist Revolution is near, and is inevitable!!!
salah mohie
salah mohie 4 ์ผ ์ „
@The Supreme Pizza umm what the heack
The Supreme Pizza
The Supreme Pizza 6 ์ผ ์ „
Thank god I breath through my butt
salah mohie
salah mohie 7 ์ผ ์ „
Come on will was the star
dani williams
dani williams 7 ์ผ ์ „
he did a great job as the genie :-)
christo sojan
christo sojan 7 ์ผ ์ „
I like the Will Smith acted out Genie with his parts of the Prince of Bel,Air
Pikaboo Xx
Pikaboo Xx 8 ์ผ ์ „
Watched it...loved it!
Randy Putra
Randy Putra 8 ์ผ ์ „
everyone who's complaining will smith's genie now completely regret to ever done that after the movie released.
Naila Girach
Naila Girach 9 ์ผ ์ „
some people are really really rood espeshely in England and will smith did really wall in alladin
Naila Girach
Naila Girach 9 ์ผ ์ „
I love will smith as the jeni
Ishiniba Utoshu
Ishiniba Utoshu 9 ์ผ ์ „
Its a good movie tho.....
panda Roblox Gaming
panda Roblox Gaming 9 ์ผ ์ „
XD I watched it
Good Pancake
Good Pancake 9 ์ผ ์ „
fire Nite
fire Nite 7 ์ผ ์ „
k a i z e n ใƒ„
k a i z e n ใƒ„ 9 ์ผ ์ „
The movie was great mostly because the Genie is in all the scenes and he was my favorite character
jaemilk 9 ์ผ ์ „
the movie was really good though, some of y'all just want to jump on the hate train.
minni the cute cat
minni the cute cat 8 ์ผ ์ „
Yeah, when the trailer came out I was actually very happy about it and now the new Aladdin is one of my favorite movies :) Dont judge a book by its cover
Peaches and cream
Peaches and cream 9 ์ผ ์ „
do a react for the aladdin soundtrack. speechless especially
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 9 ์ผ ์ „
The movie was great and Will Smith was the best actor in that movie. People are so quick to hate smh
minni the cute cat
minni the cute cat 8 ์ผ ์ „
I loved Noami and Mena too :)
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 9 ์ผ ์ „
โ€œShe doesnโ€™t even look like Jasmine!โ€ Well yeah girl... because Jasmine is an animated drawing and no human is gonna look just like her lol
Wenona Ford
Wenona Ford 9 ์ผ ์ „
I liked the movie and the songs. I was especially happy with Jasmineโ€™s new song.
Ahon Zaman
Ahon Zaman 9 ์ผ ์ „
Do a react to Aladdin Soundtrack
hila pilpel
hila pilpel 10 ์ผ ์ „
Do a react to once upon a time
luhvlychimmy 10 ์ผ ์ „
donโ€™t judge a movie by itโ€™s trailer, I think will smith is doing a great job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Rez shock
Rez shock 10 ์ผ ์ „
Aladdin was a great movie
Nishi Khiddo
Nishi Khiddo 11 ์ผ ์ „
To the girl who said that itโ€™s garbage: YOU ARE GARBAGE.
Tuananh Nguyen
Tuananh Nguyen 11 ์ผ ์ „
0:22 worst line ever!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ 
Alexa Estrada
Alexa Estrada 10 ์ผ ์ „
Tuananh Nguyen yea if she doesnโ€™t like it then she can leave
Korri Smith
Korri Smith 11 ์ผ ์ „
I thought the movie was great why is everyone throwing shade like how would you feel if you were in Will Smith's place like he had no control
Juliana Ding
Juliana Ding 12 ์ผ ์ „
My mom said she preferred Will Smith as Genie rather than Robin Williams
Mari Bell
Mari Bell 12 ์ผ ์ „
By the way, The movie is really really good!!!
Catherine Garcia
Catherine Garcia 12 ์ผ ์ „
FBE you see that the man is not blue because in the movie the kid have just 1 wish left and he wished the man that is blue be a real person and not a blue man no more
jimins jams
jimins jams 12 ์ผ ์ „
Im on Aryโ€™s side, Will Smith doesnt really look that bad. And Will also admitted that at first he refused the offer because no one can replace Robin Williamโ€™s genie. I wonder what are their thoughts when they saw the movie, itโ€™s worth the money ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’œ
Mari Stogner
Mari Stogner 12 ์ผ ์ „
Will Smith was the greatest part of this movie, try to change my mind.
lol.claire 13 ์ผ ์ „
You canโ€™t judge a movie by its trailer
Danica Clemente
Danica Clemente 13 ์ผ ์ „
Watched the movie in cinema and i didnโ€™t regret watching it. Worth the money
minni the cute cat
minni the cute cat 8 ์ผ ์ „
Its one of my favorite movies now
Heil Mechui
Heil Mechui 13 ์ผ ์ „
Walesy360 Videos
Walesy360 Videos 13 ์ผ ์ „
I wonder what there reactions were when they watched it...if they did
F1R4 FANNY 13 ์ผ ์ „
he is blue why this pepoool,f$ck
Spillz 13 ์ผ ์ „
Being a musician i can say Aladdins sound track is top notch. After seeing the movie, not gonna spoil it but i felt like it was really wellmade. Well the story might be a bit different but it was still good.
minni the cute cat
minni the cute cat 8 ์ผ ์ „
I agree personally I enjoy the new version of Aladdin more than the old one
Brianna the science Queen
Brianna the science Queen 13 ์ผ ์ „
Im sorry to all those haters to this new coming movie i honestly think he look great and damn the songs in the movie they are making!!!!
Yasmin Martinez
Yasmin Martinez 13 ์ผ ์ „
Like come on they did there best they have there reasons for what they did but it's ppls opinions but this is mine
julian cruz
julian cruz 13 ์ผ ์ „
Learn about the movie before you hate on it GOD DAMM
julian cruz
julian cruz 13 ์ผ ์ „
Iโ€™m sorry but SEE THE MOVIE PEOPLE
Allen Lim
Allen Lim 13 ์ผ ์ „
Garbage who said it's garbage is the one who is GARBAGE.
Ionel Miti
Ionel Miti 9 ์ผ ์ „
Did you see the movie boy?? Is your mother give you money to go cinema?? That movie is nothing interesting is a average one
gotem queen
gotem queen 13 ์ผ ์ „
I saw the movie it wasn't that bad
Natalie & Jonathan
Natalie & Jonathan 13 ์ผ ์ „
Honestly just kick out Michelle. She made me be pissed and she is just mean.
Allen Lim
Allen Lim 13 ์ผ ์ „
She's garbage
Natalie & Jonathan
Natalie & Jonathan 13 ์ผ ์ „
Aladdin was awesome I donโ€™t care what you guys think. It was the best. Like if you love Aladdin the new one. Comment if you think that Michelle is wrong.
lol.claire 12 ์ผ ์ „
@Natalie & Jonathan you can tell she tries to qUiRkY and rElAtAbLe
Natalie & Jonathan
Natalie & Jonathan 12 ์ผ ์ „
lol.claire 13 ์ผ ์ „
@Natalie & Jonathan yea she is, she must of regretted it
Slimmii Playz
Slimmii Playz 13 ์ผ ์ „
keniac starlove
keniac starlove 13 ์ผ ์ „
See the whole movie before u critic
taeniverse 14 ์ผ ์ „
Damhar tudon
Damhar tudon 14 ์ผ ์ „
omg the girl in the beggining got in my nerves , this isnt fair for the actors and directors and basically the whole cast for them to be working so hard on this movie , but then out of the sudden having people calling such an amazing movie garbage , why can't everyone just be nice to eachother and get along that's all i ask for :(
Sibulle Vicious
Sibulle Vicious 15 ์ผ ์ „
Will smith is literally the best live actor that could have been picked
Xianglang Qiu
Xianglang Qiu 15 ์ผ ์ „
Will Smith is soooo guud in the movie okay??! you bullying guyz go away ahh
Xianglang Qiu
Xianglang Qiu 15 ์ผ ์ „
0:20 its garbage? wtf ๐Ÿ˜ก
Xianglang Qiu
Xianglang Qiu 12 ์ผ ์ „
@lol.claire OMG IKR
lol.claire 13 ์ผ ์ „
@Xianglang Qiu Michelle is garbage
Smy_ily 16 ์ผ ์ „
*CaN THESE PLEOple pleASE LiSTen to THE SoNgs!* cuz they are great
brian drazen
brian drazen 16 ์ผ ์ „
Rip robin williams
sammie murphy
sammie murphy 16 ์ผ ์ „
To tue one whonsaid it was garbage...really.?? This was the best movie so far!!! And will smith was awesome!!!!
aiko shawnicka
aiko shawnicka 16 ์ผ ์ „
I disagree with the memes.The movies was awesome and will smith is so funny
Martin J
Martin J 17 ์ผ ์ „
It's very hard to adapt a cartoon to live action for so many reasons, the biggest being that cartoon characters can be made to do things that humans can't. However when it comes to the genie they could have done an easy fix to his chin that would have made a world of difference and made the genie look a lot better. This is an example that I found that someone had made which I think makes the genie look a lot better:
Lana Ambrosini
Lana Ambrosini 15 ์ผ ์ „
Martin J personally I disagree I think that chin on willโ€™s face feels off and looks like bad cgi
Story Time
Story Time 17 ์ผ ์ „
11:26 Tom Is NO longer one of my favorites We shouldโ€™ve buried him next to the lamp
Story Time
Story Time 14 ์ผ ์ „
Lana Ambrosini I know
Lana Ambrosini
Lana Ambrosini 15 ์ผ ์ „
Agreed like damn
kingslayer man
kingslayer man 17 ์ผ ์ „
I saw the movie
F1R4 FANNY 13 ์ผ ์ „
me 2
J3rrlokc 16 ์ผ ์ „
Me too And it was mind blowing
chvrrvism 18 ์ผ ์ „
the movie was actually pretty amazing. will smith made it hilarious and played a great genie. the only complaint i have is that they fused up arabic and indian cultures with their clothing and dancing
Bianca Lynn
Bianca Lynn 18 ์ผ ์ „
Hm I watched the movie, the film was okay. As an Indian, watching the movie I realised that the movie was messed up. Aladdin is based on a middle eastern place called agrabahd, but naomiโ€™s clothes were Indian. Disney needed to differentiate the cultures cause Arab and Indian culture was fused up.
anotch acado
anotch acado 10 ์ผ ์ „
At the time Aladdin takes place, India had taken over parts of the Middle East. Thatโ€™s why the clothing was Indian.
Professor Taemo
Professor Taemo 18 ์ผ ์ „
I feel sad for Will Smith...cuz heโ€™s the one who made the movie fun to watch
Professor Taemo
Professor Taemo 18 ์ผ ์ „
Why are some people talkin sht about the movie and the genie? The movie was very very nice..uGH so many judgmental people these days..
Alyssa Truscott
Alyssa Truscott 17 ์ผ ์ „
It's all on Twitter. They want clout
Wolfy Rosalyn
Wolfy Rosalyn 18 ์ผ ์ „
You know what I think Will Smith looks like? A SMURF!!!!!
Hanan Arnold
Hanan Arnold 18 ์ผ ์ „
Official trailer
Hanan Arnold
Hanan Arnold 18 ์ผ ์ „
I love the trailer
carlos suarez
carlos suarez 18 ์ผ ์ „
The movie is literally the best real life action movie in the world I want to watch it again
Alyssa Truscott
Alyssa Truscott 17 ์ผ ์ „
I watched it yesterday and it was so amazing I'm gonna watch it again tonight. Seeing it in theatres is a whole another experience which I just can't get enough of
SugarSweetSofia 18 ์ผ ์ „
carlos suarez SAME
Meutia 19 ์ผ ์ „
9:04 that's what you called being an adult.
Shelsieee yanez
Shelsieee yanez 19 ์ผ ์ „
the movie was amazing
Suazilene Ferreira
Suazilene Ferreira 19 ์ผ ์ „
Now get them to comment after watching the movie!
catlover7 20 ์ผ ์ „
Wow this video didn't age well, did it? LOL Now do a reaction video about how successful Aladdin is, with the exact same cast. That would be interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Alyssa Truscott
Alyssa Truscott 17 ์ผ ์ „
Ikr lmao
Lord Shaggy
Lord Shaggy 20 ์ผ ์ „
Theyโ€™re complaining about not being blue, then heโ€™s blue and theyโ€™re complaining
Aldhen Rivero
Aldhen Rivero 21 ์ผ ์ „
Iโ€™ve seen the movie it was better than they expected.
sipping the tae
sipping the tae 17 ์ผ ์ „
Yes it is and I really don't mind will Smith playing genie
แ”• gฮฑchฮฑ vฮนะฒั”z แ”•
แ”• gฮฑchฮฑ vฮนะฒั”z แ”• 21 ์ผ ์ „
It broke my heart when she said "I saw this yesterday, it's trash" but that's her opinion I absolutely love this movie soooooooooooooo much lesson learned guys, don't judge a movie by its trailer seriously the movie is epic
Damhar tudon
Damhar tudon 14 ์ผ ์ „
Vanilla Theorist
Vanilla Theorist 21 ์ผ ์ „
Same! I just saw it last night and I absolutely loved it!
Alexa Estrada
Alexa Estrada 21 ์ผ ์ „
The movie was awesome!
Mingkamol Tangtamniyom
Mingkamol Tangtamniyom 22 ์ผ ์ „
Saliesha Min
Saliesha Min 22 ์ผ ์ „
The movie was great wym
Erwin David
Erwin David 22 ์ผ ์ „
Damage control? Lols. Idiot. Disney made the movie as close and likely as the original. Of course CGI is a must. Idiot!
The New Sgame Girl
The New Sgame Girl 22 ์ผ ์ „
The movie is great!People talk shit just hasn't watch it yet.
Erwin David
Erwin David 22 ์ผ ์ „
Its great!
Melita Ann
Melita Ann 22 ์ผ ์ „
Such an amazing movie ..
Erika Medina
Erika Medina 22 ์ผ ์ „
I have never loved a movie so damn much !
Alyssa Truscott
Alyssa Truscott 17 ์ผ ์ „
ุขุฏู… ู…ู„ูƒ ุงู„ุนุงุจ ุงู„ููŠุฏูŠูˆ
ุขุฏู… ู…ู„ูƒ ุงู„ุนุงุจ ุงู„ููŠุฏูŠูˆ 22 ์ผ ์ „
ุนู„ุงุก ุงู„ุฏูŠู†
Malaika Chaudhry
Malaika Chaudhry 22 ์ผ ์ „
The people talking shit in the video hopefully regretted it after watching it bcs itโ€™s a 12/10
Bang Si Hyuk PD-nim
Bang Si Hyuk PD-nim 16 ์ผ ์ „
Ikr! I watched it a couple of weeks ago and it's great!
Maty25 Wyngaard1030
Maty25 Wyngaard1030 22 ์ผ ์ „
I watched the movie it was great Will Smith did a great job
Nothing. 22 ์ผ ์ „
the movie is good, but some people were just rude about it. will smith pulled it off
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf 22 ์ผ ์ „
To be fair, I thought the new Aladdin was going to be great from the very first teaser they released... No? Just me?
Alyssa Truscott
Alyssa Truscott 17 ์ผ ์ „
@Jason Arevalo because shitting on the genie brought them clout
Jason Arevalo
Jason Arevalo 20 ์ผ ์ „
Nah I liked it too, not sure why everyone shitted on the genie. The movie was amazing.
bianca eranz
bianca eranz 22 ์ผ ์ „
this movie was the exact definition of "don't judge a book by its cover" but "don't judge a movie by its trailer". I watched the movie and it was amazing
Monea Mulitalo
Monea Mulitalo 23 ์ผ ์ „
iโ€™ll admit, i thought it was going to be a garbage movie. i watched it yesterday and i absolutely love it! will smith was awesome at playing the genie and the songs were amazing. i definitely give it a 10/10
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