Cardi B & Offset In FIRE “Clout” & “Press” Performance At The BET Awards! | BET Awards 2019

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Cardi B & Offset open the show with a BANG while performing “Press” and “Clout” at the 2019 BET Awards! #CardiB #Offset #BETAwards
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J. Sauce
J. Sauce 20 시간 전
holy geezus this is horrendous is this what passes as music?!
Magnus Sullendefru
Magnus Sullendefru 20 시간 전
we went from classic music to trashy shit like this
Bernard Perekovic
Bernard Perekovic 20 시간 전
Cardi is so fckin good, it's insane
nixi8635 20 시간 전
Veqhy Designs
Veqhy Designs 20 시간 전
YazmeenTheDream 20 시간 전
It’s Them leprechaun shoes for me , 😂😂😂 swollen foot heffa
Alhassan Issah
Alhassan Issah 20 시간 전
Itz Tyleeia’s World
Itz Tyleeia’s World 20 시간 전
Nobody: Cardi B: *attempts to do the woah* Me:👏🏾🔥
Jonathan 20 시간 전
Should cardi bi be in prison?
yung savag
yung savag 20 시간 전
Damn cardi was out there tho
drzzzy 20 시간 전
the ghetto
Lifekilldren Vargas
Lifekilldren Vargas 20 시간 전
God damn. There's no female rapper any more that got a positive message to the youth. Queen lite and salt and pepa pave the way for nothing. Smh. Rap is trash now in days. All they show is hoes exposing their bodies rapping about bullshit and sex.
Armarion Bryant
Armarion Bryant 20 시간 전
So she performed flops
Kol Lewis
Kol Lewis 20 시간 전
Got me pop locking in my living room! #BardiGang
Tennessee's Fan
Tennessee's Fan 20 시간 전
What a joke
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez 20 시간 전
backup dancers in last seasons bomber jacket from macys re fitted
Francisco big head Paredes
Francisco big head Paredes 20 시간 전
Damn cardi murder the scene! Nicki watch out🙆🏽‍♀️
WAVE TV 20 시간 전
⚡⚡⚡ performance New music video 👇 check once
ricky noliblib
ricky noliblib 20 시간 전
Maduwa Sinera
Maduwa Sinera 20 시간 전
Offset I see you 🔥
Elizabeth Amberia
Elizabeth Amberia 20 시간 전
That was the cleanest whoa I've ever seen
captain deadpool
captain deadpool 20 시간 전
ding dong 🔔
TOXIC_RAYZ 20 시간 전
This is so pointless.. doesn't even sound like a song let alone mean anything.. oh well, guess that's this times "music"
james mahaney
james mahaney 20 시간 전
I loved it, but sad cardi was lip singing
XxDblev37xX 20 시간 전
KRwomen: Let’s make a person who admitted to drugging and stealing from vulnerable men trending! Cardi B shouldn’t have a career, but double standards are strong.
Ola Ola
Ola Ola 20 시간 전
Offset was the highlight 🔥 they both delivered 👏 👏
Michelle Griffin
Michelle Griffin 20 시간 전
He ripping dat shit
Niah Drakes
Niah Drakes 20 시간 전
Nahhh it was lit fr 🔥
Eric Folk
Eric Folk 20 시간 전
When camera move around lit 🔥
Underground Famous
Underground Famous 20 시간 전
This shit was wack!!
J Cohesive
J Cohesive 20 시간 전
So why did Offset censor himself when he said 'Bitch' but not Cardi during her first verse in clout? 💀
Torrence Weaver
Torrence Weaver 20 시간 전
Melissa Marshall
Melissa Marshall 20 시간 전
Ok Offset i did not expect that.. 👍🏽
Husein Senior
Husein Senior 20 시간 전
Where my like bet world Vevo🎤💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🎶🎼🎶💐❤❤❤
Ahmad 20 시간 전
Cardi B: Press Press Press Meh:🤸🏾‍♂️ That’s It🤣
Coco CurlyFlowers
Coco CurlyFlowers 20 시간 전
I took the tsss out of the snake 🐍
alyssa_loved 20 시간 전
She literally killed her performance 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Cooking With Soul
Cooking With Soul 20 시간 전
Okay Offset gettin jiggy wit it in the beginning 😂😂😂😂
Alejandro Blunt
Alejandro Blunt 20 시간 전
Danmm cardi has dead ass evolved into an amazing performer offset killed it too!
Tatyana Bieber
Tatyana Bieber 20 시간 전
Yess Cardi!!!!!😍😍
harry phạm
harry phạm 20 시간 전
Nicki who? :)))
matt cochrane
matt cochrane 20 시간 전
Not only can this chick not sing, she literally isnt singing. Lip sync jailbird
Sun Flowers
Sun Flowers 20 시간 전
Nicki could never.
Alex G
Alex G 20 시간 전
So shit music what is this cardi
ces ur
ces ur 20 시간 전
2 shit
Spade Ace0818
Spade Ace0818 20 시간 전
The way cardi was flicking that weave I was praying it Doesn’t come off lord
Amaraanamdag Amaraanamdag
Amaraanamdag Amaraanamdag 20 시간 전
Jaynnel Enrique
Jaynnel Enrique 20 시간 전
Now this was lit 🔥
Amaraanamdag Amaraanamdag
Amaraanamdag Amaraanamdag 20 시간 전
catapult 10
catapult 10 20 시간 전
Dayum thoes dancers got Hella strong legs
Mavelle Braddy
Mavelle Braddy 20 시간 전
Ok choreography!! Bradi gang ayyyy
Benny Xenaz
Benny Xenaz 20 시간 전
These are your role models?
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez 20 시간 전
why offset in a kevlar
Young J
Young J 20 시간 전
Ok but why she not in jail
TrelTheGemini Official
TrelTheGemini Official 20 시간 전
Momma Bardi Didn’t Come To Play With The Girls Today 😩😩😩
J D 20 시간 전
Good performance but imo there were too many people on stage, they didn’t need that many backup dancers
Mina Charvi
Mina Charvi 21 시간 전
Awe I love it. 😘 to have your husband open up for you then dancing all up on him like that🤗🤗🤗 what a feeling! Love/marriage is not perfect but at least they fighting hard for each other. 😍
Anne* 411
Anne* 411 21 시간 전
Best performance.. cardi even trying to do some of the arms in the routine. If she started dancing she would take it to the next level. You would swear this was Cardis song🤣😂. I know Tasha was frowning watching this 😬😬😬
Bre Stanard
Bre Stanard 21 시간 전
Offset was in rehearsal like 5...6...7...8 😂 great performance
J demitri
J demitri 21 시간 전
Hol up timeout did offset just do a dance routine?!?!?
Emanuel Xocua
Emanuel Xocua 21 시간 전
And I thought offset had better clothes than me
Cheesy Maccool
Cheesy Maccool 21 시간 전
Cool a stripper show on the BET awards Awsome! Love watching strippers and non talented entertainment on the most prestigious awards BET. 😅😅😅.
K I A N A 21 시간 전
Offset is Beyoncé wow ok
Rilla Crowley
Rilla Crowley 21 시간 전
Oh nah offset just turned into the star we knew he was going to be
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 21 시간 전
Wow how many ho's can you fit on stage at one time?
Gaby 21 시간 전
What a queen! Take notes maraj
iBeGaming2 21 시간 전
Offset brought out his inner Beyoncé 😍
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez 21 시간 전
I love it
Absolute Power
Absolute Power 21 시간 전
Cardi B: "Ding dong, must be that whip that I ordered" loved that. 🤩 Nicki Minaj: "tatadata" Wtf 🤩
Josh.A.Magpantay 21 시간 전
That woah at 2:33 tho
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 21 시간 전
Reading the comments of how wonderful it is and was very disappointed when i watched it 😒
Love Dean
Love Dean 21 시간 전
Trash 🤦‍♀️
Melanin_Gawdess Jones
Melanin_Gawdess Jones 21 시간 전
I love this performance & I'm not a fan of the whole mumble rap era. Had to remember Offset was a backup dancer for Whitney Houston in his youth. Do y'all thang Offset & Cardi 👏👏👏
Renee T
Renee T 21 시간 전
Offset dancing 😂😂😂
shai Saunders
shai Saunders 21 시간 전
Xcuze 21 시간 전
If you need a hundred dancers to put on a show...
M A 21 시간 전
is this how the kids dance, sing and dress these days?
Elpachuko323 21 시간 전
I think this performance topped Minaj's whole career.
DROOG 21 시간 전
Pedarabbit Mlk
Pedarabbit Mlk 21 시간 전
🔥💯 🔥🔥 🔥
30stm96 21 시간 전
rapper that lip syncs.... hahaha I cant.
daisyplayer 21 시간 전
Whewwww lawd, this shit was FIRE!!!!
Peachesxo 21 시간 전
Damnn this was bad ass
Jesse Okere
Jesse Okere 21 시간 전
when they all do the whoa at the same time
Rebecca Lopez
Rebecca Lopez 21 시간 전
Ayeeee CARDI girl! You so dope
유학생 21 시간 전
2:08 that globes r looks 고무장갑 lol
Alexandra Horne
Alexandra Horne 21 시간 전
Omg that’s my baby right there!!!!
Unique Ny
Unique Ny 21 시간 전
Y’all must of forget offset can dance but I love this ❤️
Trenell Garrett
Trenell Garrett 21 시간 전
Didnt kno offset could dance okurrrr show out den💃💃😁😁
Craig B
Craig B 21 시간 전
Xcuze 21 시간 전
wtf is offset babbling about in his rap? literally just incoherent babble. Todays rappers are fcking awful. No articulation, no intelligence. Just babble. Ill post about his stripper/criminal wife later.
Have fun before u go in for the felony case .
10k Subscribers with No Videos Challenge
10k Subscribers with No Videos Challenge 21 시간 전
Cardi dropped harder than my grades
iş anları
iş anları 21 시간 전
Please help me and subrice ♥️♥️🤗
Imani Williams-Sparks
Imani Williams-Sparks 21 시간 전
Literally becoming more and more of a Cardi and Offset fan! This performance was everything
francisco vega
francisco vega 21 시간 전
Love cardi and i know she try to support his men but his music suck ass
Chris Mealer
Chris Mealer 21 시간 전
They did that👏👏👏👏
Cody Nash
Cody Nash 21 시간 전
well then. its not a bad song, nor not a bad visual play. but isn't she suppose to be in jail???
HeyKirsty 21 시간 전
i love cardi but that shit was lipsynced from start to finish 😔 like they literally couldn't even zoom in on her bc it was so obvious smh
Treasure Takara
Treasure Takara 21 시간 전
My phone is broken After replaying this for 100 million time .... #offset#cardib
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