Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser

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Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios

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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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seuljaune. 19 시간 전
Kevin Saint
Kevin Saint 19 시간 전
McDonald's get to work on that Szechuan sauce!
Faaizah Khan
Faaizah Khan 19 시간 전
We need a live action Anastasia 😩
Amazing Havlect / ABFDie
Amazing Havlect / ABFDie 19 시간 전
I think Disney is running out of ideas...
αη тяυσηg
αη тяυσηg 19 시간 전
I dídn't knσw Xí Jínpíng (Wínníє thє Pσσh) ís αn αctσr. 0:15
no1narutofanzz 20 시간 전
i must admit, when this trailer first came out, i wasnt that hyped because i was disappointed that the new movie wasnt going to include li shang and the iconic songs. but now i ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for the movie and am so hyped for it. i LOVE that the live action movie is going to stick truer to the real origins of mulan, and that it is not going to be some slapstick comedy or musical with a small-ass dragon. i still hope that at least the tunes of reflection and i will make a man out of you will be put into the movie as background instrumentals though hehe.
Bartek Plaskota
Bartek Plaskota 20 시간 전
Its not Mulan.
C_dubbz _
C_dubbz _ 20 시간 전
I feel like Mulan would be so much better in Chinese with English subtitles. They're all speaking english with american accents like wtf? Why even make it live action?
Juliana Tracy Roldan
Juliana Tracy Roldan 20 시간 전
Can't wait😊😊 I love the trailer!!
Fubukio 20 시간 전
Is this movie sexist or racist?
Gaysians 20 시간 전
I just watched the remake of the lion king yesterdaylmao
D Lu
D Lu 20 시간 전
If you are interested in the Chinese Opera, search for “Lady General Hua Mulan” here on KRwomen. It’s a 7 part series with English subtitles.
Doris Zhang
Doris Zhang 20 시간 전
Please, those who are saying this is an adaptation of the original Mulan story, it really is not. Just LOOK AT THAT BUILDING! That is a unique feature of Chinese architecture seen only in Fujian (or Hokkien), which is at the very south of China, and was only built after the Manchurian reign began (the Qing dynasty). This setting deviates SO MUCH from the original story about a northern girl in the Northern and Southern dynasties, which was about 1000 years before Qing. This is NOTHING like the original story.
George Infanta
George Infanta 21 시간 전
Where's the singing part?
mewo 21 시간 전
Why are there no dark skinned actors?
NG 21 시간 전
sonic #2
Hullgatt 21 시간 전
Idk if you guys truly know what you're talking about. This is a much better approach than what you all are suggesting, that the story should be a remake of the cartoon, which would not be suitable for a live actions movie, it would just be cringy and never live up to our expectations. This movie is its own thing and by the looks of it: a great cast, story, visuals; everything!
Aaron B
Aaron B 21 시간 전
Forrest Gabriel Cruz
Forrest Gabriel Cruz 21 시간 전
Atlantis live action anyone?
Potyscup 21 시간 전
It's seems to be great but.... WHERE IS MUSHU ?????
蒙淺雪 21 시간 전
During the time period in which the story takes place Chinese people practiced the floor culture, just like in the animated version of Mulan. We did not use raised chairs and tables. I also think the architecture in the opening scene is not very representative. The make-up is also a bit exaggerated. It would be nice if these scenes could be corrected.
Kiefer Nathaniel
Kiefer Nathaniel 22 시간 전
Still waiting for Frozen's live action 😊
msb 22 시간 전
No one cares about this, we want the live action from the original movie not this crap remake
MrAppie9090 22 시간 전
Where is the song of the south remake starring Kanye? That's about the only Disney movie i want to see.
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 22 시간 전
Fans: Oh sweet! We get to see Mushu and Mulsn in live action. Disney: Yeah, about that... But seriously, this movie is literally going to be nothing but a girl with a sword.
Rida Shamas
Rida Shamas 22 시간 전
ohh la la la .... can't wait anymore 😞😞
T0astedSmurf 22 시간 전
already disappointed
Josh350 22 시간 전
oof bts
oof bts 22 시간 전
So.... Where's the hot guy?
Bethany Hamlin
Bethany Hamlin 22 시간 전
Hey all, this isn't an adaption of the animated Disney movie we all love. :) Instead, it is an adaption of a 5th or 6th century Northern Chinese poem (link: en.wikisource.org/wiki/Translation:Ballad_of_Mulan ). There are different versions of this story. Another to look at is a film released in 2009 (link: www.imdb.com/title/tt1308138/ ) that was quite good.
Bethany Hamlin
Bethany Hamlin 20 시간 전
@D Lu oh wow, thank you!
D Lu
D Lu 20 시간 전
You can also search here on KRwomen for “Lady General Hua Mulan” for an authentic Chinese Opera version with authentic Chinese music. It’s a 7 part series with English subtitles.
munch 's
munch 's 22 시간 전
ps and i'm really exited to see this movie singing or no singing still exited
munch 's
munch 's 22 시간 전
i mean like when they gon do a princess and the frog likeeeee
Zuzu Syuhada
Zuzu Syuhada 23 시간 전
Rise of a Warrior is enough for me.
JETT ENT TV 23 시간 전
This looks super RAW!!
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo 23 시간 전
No mushu no mulan no movie
Xero the Fallen
Xero the Fallen 23 시간 전
GOD DAMMIT DISNEY I'M DONE WITH YOU. When are you going to realize only a small margin of people find these movies decent? ALMOST NONE OF THESE REMAKES HAVE BEEN GOOD, STOP NOW. Holy shit I'm so angry someone please just plunge a knife into my face. I'm going to start suing Disney for giving me so much anxiety.
NoZaku 23 시간 전
Wheres Mushu
marbletrouble 일 전
UGH too fucking serious in tone. The actress is not androgynous enough. I know she is big in Chinese martial arts movies, but heck! There has been a literal TON of chinese/asian live adaptations of Mulan. Disney, please do something different for once!
Exoticdragon 04
Exoticdragon 04 일 전
Kinda pissed that mushu isn’t in the movie...
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo 일 전
Michelle Parra
Michelle Parra 일 전
Darwin grg
Darwin grg 일 전
Juju 9090
Juju 9090 일 전
This is the most depressing movie trailer I have ever seen. No iconic lines from grandma, there is no making a man of you and so many other things this movie is missing
freyja MD
freyja MD 일 전
Yes. Yes. AND YES!
heyitz_ Pia
heyitz_ Pia 일 전
yeah but wheres the dragon
FOX Fox BAM 일 전
Gabby Vale
Gabby Vale 일 전
There’s no li Shang no musu no cricket why should I watch why aren’t they here
Gio Gamboa
Gio Gamboa 일 전
I swear if you remake finding Nemo, I’m done with you guys
Gio Gamboa
Gio Gamboa 일 전
There better be singing, and how is there not gonna be mushu, or cricket, or Shang. How stupid are you
Fernanda Max Arizaga
Fernanda Max Arizaga 일 전
Where are the songs? Where is the scene when you cut your hair? WHERE IS MUSHU ?!
Joshua 23 시간 전
@Fernanda Max Arizaga yeah, which is kinda sad but it's good that Disney isn't repeating there mistakes and disrespecting China.
Fernanda Max Arizaga
Fernanda Max Arizaga 23 시간 전
@Joshua what saddens me, the songs of mulan were the best and mushu my favorite character
Joshua 일 전
It's based off the real Mulan more so then the animated version
Singing Wizard
Singing Wizard 일 전
I love Mulan but honestly you can't take off the important things from the movies... Mulan 2 wouldn't exist if it weren't for Mushu and they aren't gonna even add him and the grandma and the cricket were also a nice part of it and *NO* *SHANG!!!* are you kidding me... And no songs... That was one of my favorite movies growing up and they are ruining it... I don't mean to be a downer or a negative person but Mulan was my favorite as a kid and it sucks that they aren't adding the stuff that makes the movie a great one
Cooky Monster
Cooky Monster 일 전
Antonia Mendoza
Antonia Mendoza 일 전
The sound of one sigh after another, As Mulan weaves at the doorway. No sound of the loom and shuttle, Only that of the girl lamenting. Ask her of whom she thinks, Ask her for whom she longs. "There is no one I think of, There is no one I long for. Last night I saw the army notice, The Khan is calling a great draft - A dozen volumes of battle rolls, Each one with my father's name. My father has no grown-up son, And I have no elder brother. I'm willing to buy a horse and saddle, To go to battle in my father's place." She buys a fine steed at the east market; A saddle and blanket at the west market; A bridle at the south market; And a long whip at the north market. She takes leave of her parents at dawn, To camp beside the Yellow River at dusk. No sound of her parents hailing their girl, Just the rumbling waters of the Yellow River. She leaves the Yellow River at dawn, To reach the Black Mountains by dusk. No sound of her parents hailing their girl, Just the cries of barbarian cavalry in the Yan hills. Ten thousand miles she rode in war, Crossing passes and mountains as if on a wing. On the northern air comes the sentry's gong, Cold light shines on her coat of steel. The general dead after a hundred battles, The warriors return after ten years. They return to see the Son of Heaven, Who sits in the Hall of Brilliance. The rolls of merit spin a dozen times, Rewards in the hundreds and thousands. The Khan asks her what she desires, "I've no need for the post of a gentleman official, I ask to borrow a camel fleet of foot, To carry me back to my hometown." Her parents hearing their girl returns, Out to the suburbs to welcome her back. Elder sister hearing her sister returns, Adjusts her rouge by the doorway. Little brother hearing his sister returns, Sharpens his knife for pigs and lamb. "I open my east chamber door, And sit on my west chamber bed. I take off my battle cloak, And put on my old-time clothes. I adjust my wispy hair at the window sill, And apply my bisque makeup by the mirror. I step out to see my comrades-in-arms, They are all surprised and astounded: 'We travelled twelve years together, Yet didn't realise Mulan was a lady!'" The buck bounds here and there, Whilst the doe has narrow eyes. But when the two rabbits run side by side, How can you tell the female from the male?
Unique Snow Flake Girl
Unique Snow Flake Girl 일 전
I get chills every single time I watch this trailer
Trista Kittle
Trista Kittle 일 전
According to a lot of these comments, this movie will stick to the original version of the story. Someone said there would be no singing in this movie? That’s sad to me. I like the fact that all the other Disney remakes incorporate the original songs as well as some new ones. I wish they would continue that pattern.
Chen Uy
Chen Uy 일 전
The soundtrack will be instrumental..
Happy Baby
Happy Baby 일 전
I love it so much!!!!!! So excited 💖💖💖
Dodiard 일 전
AFter Aladdin ...... Finally , MULAN!!! and i hope next will Pocahontas
deondre Pilk
deondre Pilk 일 전
Noooooooo! Have we not learn from lion king, last air bender, and dragon ball evolution; LIVE ACTION SUCKS.
Hullgatt 21 시간 전
NOOOOOOOO! I didn't know about dragon ball evolution OH GOD MY EYES! Live action gets a bad rep when it's trying to copy the animated adaptation, however they've gone with a different story as we can see, where the movie is being its own thing instead of trying to be like the cartoon. I think this is a better approach.
Joshua 일 전
Lion King wasn't even that bad....
Smashup Mashups
Smashup Mashups 일 전
Don't tell me they'll adapt out Mushu.
er asdef
er asdef 일 전
Baklau Brown
Baklau Brown 일 전
ohhhhhh shitttt its the girl from "KUNG FU HUSTLE"
Lil Swanny-b
Lil Swanny-b 일 전
And you guys bash lion king for being “just another remake”
Dampachi100 일 전
So... where's the token love interest?
Michael Korgis
Michael Korgis 일 전
I'm waiting for Disney to make a live action of Tangeled 😂😂😂😂
Aidan Rios
Aidan Rios 일 전
Disney has run out of ideas and are making live action Disney movies that came out a while back
Nero Inferno
Nero Inferno 일 전
... where's Mushu?
Matthias Rattansingh
Matthias Rattansingh 일 전
When is this coming out?
Wilmeliz Bonet
Wilmeliz Bonet 일 전
They have made the other films identical to their animated versions. And just the movie that everyone has been waiting for their version identical to the animated one, they come and decide from the night to the morning to do it based on the original story. That has been the worst decision they have made. We all expected Mushu, the songs and everything that included the animated film. Not this thing that they want to sell us as Mulan.
King Doggo
King Doggo 일 전
Okay, where’s mushu
Constantin Mozz
Constantin Mozz 일 전
why would they make this ugh where is the damn dragon !? who s gonna watch this shit? children?
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