Ford can't decide if I get to buy a GT

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Ed's Craziest Car Buying Stories
Buying a Lamborghini from a Prostitute -
The world's cheapest 993 -
The CHEAP Koenigsegg deal -
I bought the greatest car ever -
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Ed ( wants to buy the new Ford GT but Ford hasn't been able to decide if he is going to get to do that.
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Ed Bolian
Ed Bolian 개월 전
Have you ever wondered what all those things are in the background of our set? I put a tour of the area where we shoot them on my personal channel along with the stories of most of the things we have back there.
Zajaka 28 일 전
@Sean good luck driving in Atlanta, it's a mad house.
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 개월 전
John Cena had a Ford GT 2019 and he was trying to sell it and he got in trouble with Ford
Zach 개월 전
KRwomen really weirded me out with this glitch. It's a comment from the previous video I was watching. Anyone know?
Acen Wyatt
Acen Wyatt 개월 전
I watched the video of you showing it to us
Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner 개월 전
No.... No I haven't wondered that.
CaPtAiN CrUnCh
CaPtAiN CrUnCh 일 전
It's alright Ford is garbage you Dodged a bullet.....
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson 2 일 전
Legend has it the name “Ed Bolian” is in every car owner title in the world
AdzSONLINE 3 일 전
That's quite funny
Luke Voves
Luke Voves 7 일 전
I wish I could hide this channel
Perpetual Wins
Perpetual Wins 7 일 전
Fuck Ford and this process for the GTs. Stupid. Can't wait to see what the mid engine vettes do to that demand. Cheaper... and a V8.
Samoa Monroe
Samoa Monroe 7 일 전
I think ford should sell ed a gt he is a great person and does so much for the car community
Mrplug420 mag
Mrplug420 mag 7 일 전
i seen that PHOENX ford GT its in odessa texas right now
Thomas Bobinski
Thomas Bobinski 7 일 전
Does this dude ever take a second to breathe when he talks?
Private Email
Private Email 8 일 전
Will anyone be going to watch Ford vs Ferrari
B Snyder
B Snyder 8 일 전
Nobody: Literally nobody: Ed: this is gonna make a great story
len dog
len dog 8 일 전
I thought that story was EPIC and it made me a fan of VINwiki right quick. F**k F**d if they can't laugh at whats's meant to be laughed at.
Jayden Babinsky
Jayden Babinsky 8 일 전
Disappointed with the quality. Everything is plastic. She still rips though
Fabeon 9 일 전
lol the new mexico tag probably the best car ever to be tagged in my poor ol' state
k20aef8 9 일 전
100 bad days makes 100 good stories, 100 good stories makes you interesting on vinwiki...
Paulino Fernandes
Paulino Fernandes 10 일 전
dude u cross ur legs like a women lol
Matt 10 일 전
0:54 is that rabbit on the right?
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 10 일 전
Ford isn't familiar with the power of KRwomen in 2019? I've just lost interest in Ford due to the inability to allocate a GT to the best storyteller on KRwomen...
John 10 일 전
Doug demurio being the acception
J C 12 일 전
For new GT would be as common as Lamborghini....they sold everyone of them...
Draggy654 13 일 전
Jeremy didn’t do the gt any favors lol
jimzplace 13 일 전
Personally, I would have said Fuct Ford, and Focused on something better.
derek452 13 일 전
Dramatic. You're life.
David Long
David Long 15 일 전
Ford worried about who gets a car when they should be worried about their employees or lack of.
Anthony Gendron
Anthony Gendron 15 일 전
The man with a million great stories should absolutely be given the opportunity to but the Ford GT.
Ernesto Chang
Ernesto Chang 15 일 전
Yes no maybe... can you repeat the question youre not the boss of me now youre not the boss fo me now, and youre not so tough... Life is unfair
Ocean Current
Ocean Current 16 일 전
Ford is pulling the best head fake with a v6 rear drive car that basically has a focus wiring harness, the absolute best way to sell something in the world we're living in today is to tell someone they can't buy it............................................ they watched ed's or someone's video on ferrari and that started the whole thing. The car is horrible, the engine is horrible, the electronics are horrible, but at least ferrari is a solid car, the 458 that is. But the GT is no 458. I'd love to have the last year of the front engine vet though because you can bet that chevy is going to ruin that car with a mid engine. Let's see, who made the corvair??
Upex 16 일 전
and I said, "Implant, do you have Kimmy butts?"
Jason Simonds
Jason Simonds 17 일 전
..for a "man of jesus" you sure do covet the money...
Galaxy 18 일 전
Sorry ed that you did not get that Ford GT but to be honest I was disturbed by that video as well especially with the thumbnail as well as it’s the first video you see when you click on vin wiki.
Daniel Pletcher
Daniel Pletcher 19 일 전
f*** Ford who the f*** is a company to decide who gets to buy what you're not my f****** Mommy I got the money m*********** I want the car sell me the f****** car if I was denied to buy a car id be like f*** you, I'll never buy another f****** American-made car in my life and I'll tell all my friends now to either so f*** off telling me I can't buy a car what a bunch of douchebags I'm sick of these rich trousers stained m************ who run this country, and f*** Gibson to threatening other guitar companies that they're going to sue them Mark agnesi dumb m*********** did a good job on pissing a lot of people off they're losing business because of their arrogant f****** attitude and I hate to break Gibson's heart but I like Gibson as much as the next Rock and roller but the reality is is theirs some really nice guitars out there that are just as good if not better for half the f****** money so f*** Ford and f*** Gibson
J B 19 일 전
What kind of fickle bitches would deny you over a hilarious video!? Oh well fuck Ford Chevy is better
Michael Bergantzel
Michael Bergantzel 19 일 전
Ed, I love your stories and your story telling. I hope I can rack up some fun stories and practice telling them so my son can enjoy them some day. Thanks for sharing.
J. LeRoy Lacy
J. LeRoy Lacy 20 일 전
Peep that black New Mexico plate! 6:12
J-Tuck17 20 일 전
Ed: can I buy a new GT? Ford: Well yes, but actually no
TJ Swoboda
TJ Swoboda 20 일 전
Maybe if you signed a contract to never sell it to a prostitute... Or a Ford exec gets a hug from Kimmy.
Reptile Chick
Reptile Chick 20 일 전
Not sure why one would want to invest in a car that is having the supply/demand curve artificially manipulated by the manufacturer, especially with the obvious pre-crash economic climate today. It's pretty and all, don't get me wrong, but financially speaking, seems like waiting until the inevitable bust comes when the market rights itself, then pick one up on the (relative) cheap. Especially if one wants a driver, not a garage queen. Also, frankly, I struggle with Americans needing to "butter up" Ford, it's Ford for poop's sake, let's keep our perspective folks.
Kradle 20 일 전
I remeber I got to see the Ford GT that won the Le Mans in 1966 at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit when I was a kid, cool.
Dan Letter
Dan Letter 21 일 전
I don’t care who someone is. I would never buy a car someone tells me I’m not good enough for. If Jesus came down from heaven and said I’m not good enough for the holy evangelical sport model, and then later said I guess you could have one, I would drive satans hellhound right pass Jesus and give him the finger
Chad Andersen
Chad Andersen 21 일 전
four cars for a dbs is the worst trade ever.
MarloSoBalJr 22 일 전
I would say, Ford GTs are a bitch to drive in Need for Speed racing games. Handling a high-powered, muscle car made for racing; I would destroy the thing left & right. Where my NFS: ProStreet fams at!?
Five Two Motors
Five Two Motors 23 일 전
Fuck that, I wouldn’t have traded 4 badass cars for one.
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan 23 일 전
"And that day I get an email from my Ford GT concierge." Yep, just another day in the life!
FBobby 23 일 전
Hi everyone this is Ed Bolian and I'm standing here with my new Ford GT. You might be asking why i happen to be at the redball garage. Well let me tell ya. I promised Ford if they let me buy this car i'd put some fast miles on it, and I can think of no better way to live up to that promise than to do a Cannonball Run in my brand new Ford GT as soon as they finish unloading it off the truck.
eksine 23 일 전
Just delete the prostitute video, problem solved
Ruzaanyt Guerrero
Ruzaanyt Guerrero 24 일 전
Sheldon Greener
Sheldon Greener 24 일 전
Come on Ford, kimmie's story is the best one. Stop being haters.
funshootin1 24 일 전
Ed knows how to articulate his position ... And in a way that is all class
True Vegas
True Vegas 25 일 전
Who the fuck are Ford to act so elite? They make 1, yes 1 supercar, and all of a sudden they think they're exclusive? Pull your heads in Ford, your GT might be pretty, but it's nothing special.
Melvin Freeman
Melvin Freeman 25 일 전
I would be afraid that Ford found out that I never quite owned a GT in any capacity 😃🚗! But, as strange as your story is, I hope you get it🤗😆!
Svtarlen 25 일 전
That’s not an LS Boss 302
Let's take a look!
Let's take a look! 26 일 전
Boy this guy talks too much!
Ayy Yo
Ayy Yo 22 일 전
Yeah i agree, talking on a channel dedicated for people to tell stories, who would've known?
Not ChazzMcNasty
Not ChazzMcNasty 26 일 전
10/10 would hoon
James Monzon
James Monzon 26 일 전
I think Kimmy needs to do a testimonial video on Ed to show that he is a worth candidate for a GT.
Mark B
Mark B 27 일 전
Having to beg a company to give them money in exchange for objects. Welcome to the future.
Ayy Yo
Ayy Yo 22 일 전
That GT is gonna be worth more than the original asking price in the future and im sure Ford knows that. So i see why its made harder.
Dilan Pearson
Dilan Pearson 27 일 전
I'm sure there biggest issue is your known for flipping cars and Ford doesn't want the gt to be bought just to be flipped
NotABerger _
NotABerger _ 27 일 전
They know you are a shrewd negotiator.
Son - Stevkan
Son - Stevkan 27 일 전
Ed “Very Slightly More” Bolian
J C 27 일 전
New Ford GT is here to stayed it won’t be limited anymore...
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage 27 일 전
I can’t believe Ford didn’t like that video, that’s one of your best!
Chump Johnson
Chump Johnson 27 일 전
Ford trying to act like Bugatti in who they sell their cars to
mazdaspeedjay 28 일 전
Step 1 bail out kimi. Step 2 send said girl to Ford HQ. Let her work her magic and enjoy your new GT. She squeezed a 100 out of ya pretty sure she could get you a GT lol
Stryker 28 일 전
Love how Ford is making people get on their knees to spend a massive amount of money.
KJ Grey
KJ Grey 28 일 전
wow, i feel for you man. I mean, i thought i had problems being unemployed and stuff but this really must suck for you.
JoshJLMG Productions
JoshJLMG Productions 28 일 전
Ed: Can I have a Ford GT? Ford: *Well yes, but actually no.*
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown 28 일 전
TheHidalgo99 28 일 전
Not knowing whether or not one is allowed to buy a Ford GT is one of the most horrible experiences that can happen to a person. I can't even imagine what you are going through at the moment.
neitherlink 27 일 전
TheHidalgo99 you are completely right, many people truly suffering from war and decease around the world, but I guess we should spare this man eleven minutes and thirty three seconds so that he can complain about this unjust act that the demons at Ford Performance have done to him, by not permitting him to buy his dreamed five hundred thousand dollar car, truly a martyr.
Donald Ulrich
Donald Ulrich 28 일 전
Getting bit the prostitute from so long ago.
Master Chief 00117
Master Chief 00117 28 일 전
What happens when 10 of these show up in Vegas. With Prostitutes giving Ford GT owners denial of service letters.
Sam._.Buswell 29 일 전
Which I rather immediately disposed of 😂😂
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