Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Music Video]

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I Think I'm OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, & Travis Barker is available now!
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing I Think I'm OKAY. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


kitten mitten
kitten mitten 30 분 전
omg yes
Wac 41 분 전
Why tf faze banks in the video 🔥 song though
Connor McCarthny
Connor McCarthny 47 분 전
Is nobody going to comment on why faze banks is at 1:32 ?
ASAP_X 49 분 전
Did i just see faze Banks at 1:30
Tony Shady
Tony Shady 시간 전
Eminem "Bang" Compare me to Manson, Marilyn or Charles, compare me to Nas, Biggie, or Pac Do not compare me to that Iggy b**ch or all ( MGK ) this f**kin’ Milli Vanilli hip-hop 😂🤣
Max Limani
Max Limani 시간 전
Awesome dude on the drums to lol
Max Limani
Max Limani 시간 전
Mgk u and ur music are amazing brother
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 시간 전
anyone else catch Banks for a split second
S Lewis
S Lewis 2 시간 전
do people know who travis barker is or they just here for mgk and yungblud i hope pop punk and punk rock comes back
Skecher Kids666
Skecher Kids666 2 시간 전
00:6 wasn’t this girl in David dobrik vlogs I swear I’ve seen her in that one vlog were Zane looks into a mirror and it’s her on the otherside
Kay Ka Nut
Kay Ka Nut 2 시간 전
MGK-singer/rapper + YUNGBLUD-singer/guitar + TRAVIS-drums = MY NEW FAV BAND!!!!!
Kay Ka Nut
Kay Ka Nut 2 시간 전
Also yungblud can do keyboard/piano and mgk can also be on guitar. They all prob have even more talents I'm just not one of those ppl that researches my fav singers and bands. I watch thier videos and I'm lucky to know thier name lol Doesn't mean I don't love them I'm just not 12 anymore... Not dissing anyone that does that either I just meant when I was 12 and in love with nsync and bsb I knew ALL thier full names, bdays and where they were born hahaha!
LMP 2 시간 전
WhoDatNation69 2 시간 전
Did Eminem make MGK Everlast too I mean bruh this is actually a really good song tho I dig it I hope he does more like it
VHS 3 시간 전
Any one spotted faze banks
Haddaway 4 시간 전
Multi-talented music god at its own.Em man,go to hell.
Isaac E
Isaac E 4 시간 전
Yo please do some new age HARD punk/rock shit. Get screamy. It's so much better than your hip hop (unless you're aboutta start putting as much effort into everything as you did that eminem diss).
European Auto Group
European Auto Group 5 시간 전
I saw Faze Banks...... anyone else??
SSauceGod 5 시간 전
Who else saw faze banks
Devan Wilburn
Devan Wilburn 6 시간 전
I think I'm okay
Wee Tard
Wee Tard 6 시간 전
No one noticed Faze Banks at 1:29?
JNJ413 Gamer
JNJ413 Gamer 6 시간 전
It’s faze bank in the video
Hunter Ely
Hunter Ely 6 시간 전
I love MGK, but I think he makes a better Rockstar than a rapper. Lol
jas 6 시간 전
First didn’t like yungblud after watching parents for the first time then came across this and my opinion has slightly changed. Just need to listen to some more of his songs before I can fully judge it
Gabe Hooks
Gabe Hooks 8 시간 전
Anybody else notice FaZe Banks at 1:32?
Electric Cherry
Electric Cherry 8 시간 전
Dude looks like the guy that played Loki in The Mask 2
tommie robinson
tommie robinson 8 시간 전
I never get tired of hearing this song!
Diced Pear
Diced Pear 9 시간 전
this is one of the best songs ive heard in a while good job guys
xPONCHINx 9 시간 전
Am i the only one who saw FaZe Banks in there😂
Gabe Myers
Gabe Myers 9 시간 전
Who'd ya think would be more fun to be around; Eminem or MGK? LOL! CLE til I die!
That1guy 1141
That1guy 1141 9 시간 전
Claudio Gallardo
Claudio Gallardo 9 시간 전
Don't Break
Don't Break 9 시간 전
Did anyone else see faze banks in the video
Kevin Smallwood
Kevin Smallwood 10 시간 전
Yo your it bro
Drifted _Throne
Drifted _Throne 10 시간 전
1:31 faze banks
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor 10 시간 전
Yungblud stole the spotlight tbh, damn
austmorr740 LDS
austmorr740 LDS 10 시간 전
Want a song to jump to. Listen to crewcabanger by Chelsea grin
aaron brandon
aaron brandon 10 시간 전
My theme song ✊✊
Nicholas Gould
Nicholas Gould 10 시간 전
I fucking love this. MGK keep this shit on!
Ray Bear
Ray Bear 10 시간 전
HE faz banks is in here
Ray Bear
Ray Bear 10 시간 전
FreeStyledMusic 10 시간 전
1:31 faze banks
Hehehehehe Boii
Hehehehehe Boii 10 시간 전
1:31 faze banks
Arashi Wolf
Arashi Wolf 11 시간 전
It's like... Linkin Park met punk and I'm crying
Nameles344 10 시간 전
Emo fuck
Frank Oliva
Frank Oliva 11 시간 전
@fazebanks 1:31 lol
Kevin C
Kevin C 11 시간 전
Mgk back to his roots
Ryan’s Cheese Wiz
Ryan’s Cheese Wiz 11 시간 전
Ok so I saw faze banks 😂
Young Wrld
Young Wrld 12 시간 전
Why is faze banks in da vid
germylicious 12 시간 전
this is too short
Nicebuilds_SS yt
Nicebuilds_SS yt 12 시간 전
As fuck
Nicebuilds_SS yt
Nicebuilds_SS yt 12 시간 전
this song is gay and trash 🗑
Marie W
Marie W 12 시간 전
Got damn dis is me to a T
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell 13 시간 전
Mgk got an alien before it was cool.
Jonathen Bell
Jonathen Bell 13 시간 전
After em dissed him he made this and is depressed because he isnt going to have a career for much longer
Steven Sullivan
Steven Sullivan 13 시간 전
I can't believe MGK came sideways at Eminem. This is more fitting. Super gay.
slimm timmy
slimm timmy 13 시간 전
1:31 is faze banks
Joe Way
Joe Way 14 시간 전
@ 1:31 or 1:32 find a place to pause Steve will do it and faze banks are in the vid
c lom
c lom 14 시간 전
preteen pop hop hip shit ....however much travis is worth on your track ..hashtag get a face tatttoo
Jeremy Broadwater
Jeremy Broadwater 15 시간 전
Faze Banks and Steve Will Do It at 1:32
King Otaku
King Otaku 15 시간 전
1:31 Faze banks
Dom5125 TF2
Dom5125 TF2 16 시간 전
This is so good song i love it 😍❤
juju smith scahuster
juju smith scahuster 16 시간 전
No one is talking about the hills have eyes line and shit is fire😂😂😂
Xuy 16 시간 전
I don't know if you haven't heard this song but I think I fell into a trans on mars talent really
Matthew Osborn
Matthew Osborn 16 시간 전
This was a great time, much respect to the artists had a blast.
ZemmM8 17 시간 전
Big FaZe Banks
Jacob Pourchot
Jacob Pourchot 17 시간 전
My friend showed me this track and I loved it had no idea you got my favorite drummer on it. ❤
karl wilson
karl wilson 17 시간 전
Just make a band right now god damn it!!!!!!
Turtle Deenie
Turtle Deenie 17 시간 전
#faze Banks is my boy
Christina MBD
Christina MBD 17 시간 전
I love everything about this. MGK needs to do more songs like this!
Nadie Enchanted
Nadie Enchanted 17 시간 전
....I’ve never loved a song so much in my whole life me; I should listen to it every once in a while so I don’t get sick of it. REALLY ME: I SHOULD LISTEN TO IT NONE STOP TIL IT MALES ME PSYCHOLOGICALLY ANNOYED TO LOSTEN TO IT 😍😍😍😍
Tracy Walden
Tracy Walden 18 시간 전
Regrets ??? Fly young man and love & live life
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