Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her Driveway

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

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The mom whose security camera captured creepy footage of what appears to be Dobby the house elf from the "Harry Potter" series told Inside Edition she's still freaked out by the video. The footage has social media in overdrive speculating what the creature is. Mom Vivian Gomez told Inside Edition that she's "not sure" what it is. Asked whether it could be her 9-year-old son Bobby, Gomez replied, "I wouldn't let him out at dark by himself."

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BALLA BOSS 17 시간 전
:42 who watching this at night and got scared
Benjamin _
Benjamin _ 18 시간 전
start a alliance by raiding area 51
B G 18 시간 전
I need an update!
Eliana De La Torre
Eliana De La Torre 19 시간 전
Yeet Sky UwU
Yeet Sky UwU 19 시간 전
Nobody: Not a single alien: Kid: 👽🐔🐔dance yes shake my head with a 👙
keyla hernandez
keyla hernandez 19 시간 전
Who else came from billschannel???
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo 20 시간 전
Skin walker demon. that's not human
Sophie Huggett
Sophie Huggett 20 시간 전
I think it is dooby
Bernadette Craig
Bernadette Craig 20 시간 전
It’s dobby from Harry Potter! Who else thinks he looks like that?
Grav Man
Grav Man 22 시간 전
It's Pano
It's Pano 22 시간 전
Area 51 is here
India 22 시간 전
AREA 51 yall slippin
Michi Meow:3
Michi Meow:3 23 시간 전
Oh my thats a skinny -legend- ALIEN
alfred einstein
alfred einstein 일 전
its just hallucination that guy is just wearing dobby disguise
Amanda Rittershofer
Amanda Rittershofer 일 전
Mimi Sheepz
Mimi Sheepz 일 전
Who ever walks like that is on drugs
Alfonso Reyes
Alfonso Reyes 일 전
It's doesn't show human characteristics other than walking on Two legs. and it seems active at night so.. idk interesting
Memes hun
Memes hun 일 전
Now I see why Area 51 Got That Event
kimmie kay
kimmie kay 일 전
k b
k b 일 전
Dont wory thats dobi
Rachel Famous
Rachel Famous 일 전
AaliyahNess 일 전
the sport kids sports
the sport kids sports 일 전
Nelson Hargain
Nelson Hargain 일 전
An alien escaped her house and she acted like she didnt know it was hers
Nayas Gurung
Nayas Gurung 일 전
I think he is doing the chicken dance form fornite
HopefulVesspillo 일 전
Its Dobby
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 일 전
He was all drugged up from Area 51
pæch 일 전
oh my god is that dobby? (from harry potter) OMG DOBBY IS REAL AHH
Danyal Denath
Danyal Denath 일 전
It’s an alien that escaped Area 51
Cruz Joaquin
Cruz Joaquin 일 전
Nah that’s a crackhead
Bud 일 전
Amalie & Annabelle Channel
Amalie & Annabelle Channel 일 전
Me walking back to the target bathroom to recipe my ass
C86 일 전
That's a crackhead. Scoop some peanut butter on a plastic spoon and chuck it way out into the neighbors yard across the street. BAM!! no longer your problem.
om Punjani
om Punjani 일 전
1:01 is bobby a goofy kid, No
Ivan Solares
Ivan Solares 일 전
Atleast she saw a alien from area 51
Dulce’s Life
Dulce’s Life 일 전
It’s probblay dooby if it was him he was probably looking for a sock
Rainbow Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles 일 전
Is it just me or does it look like the green alien doing his dance?
sxnflxwer addixts
sxnflxwer addixts 일 전
*It reminds me of that green stick that's naked speaking spanish dancing*
Lo Leezy
Lo Leezy 일 전
Area 51 couldn’t wait until September 20th so they came instead 😂😂
Newt Dies250
Newt Dies250 일 전
That's just my nigga dobby dipping after he got his sock.
Yesnia Guadalupe Garcia martinez
Yesnia Guadalupe Garcia martinez 일 전
Ever thought of peter pan or the kids friend
Cringy Me
Cringy Me 일 전
it hit the woah
Esmeralda Alvarez
Esmeralda Alvarez 일 전
RiverSapinoso30 일 전
Harry Potter: Dobby?
God Of Destruction
God Of Destruction 일 전
It's the dude of "Da me tu cosita"
girl- 일 전
why he do the chicken dance.. im scREAMING
Isabella Horst
Isabella Horst 일 전
Dobby is back Edit: Dobby is real omg yay because I love Dobby
chloe harvard
chloe harvard 일 전
Looks like a girl took meth and had a ponytail
Jordolicios K1NG
Jordolicios K1NG 일 전
Master gives Bobby underwear Bobby is FREEEE!!
Aliens came to this world to dance
TriXJester 일 전
Yall saw the wild Crackhead
Cwazy Cow
Cwazy Cow 일 전
Dobby? Is that you? Edit: I just realised it said dobby in the video 😪😤
Stephen Callahan
Stephen Callahan 일 전
There’s no way that’s her son the way he walks
Redface 일 전
The way that savage creature walked
Kathryn Cantarelli
Kathryn Cantarelli 일 전
We don't need to raid area 51 the creatures will come to is there is evidence on video
Joe 일 전
Who else burst out laughing when they saw it walk out like that😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deanna Marmolejo
Deanna Marmolejo 일 전
Dobby is real
turtle crafts
turtle crafts 일 전
Dobby is free
Łößēr_Jäźżłïñ .___.
Łößēr_Jäźżłïñ .___. 일 전
I was saying in my mind: ITS FROM AREA 51
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson 일 전
It’s Dobby doing the funky chicken 🐓
Raising Stars
Raising Stars 일 전
Why don’t they just interview the kid and ask him wtf?
David Fullam
David Fullam 일 전
ღ emmie stitch ღ
ღ emmie stitch ღ 일 전
I saw this on tiktok :/ OMG
akalil sahidan
akalil sahidan 2 일 전
The alien escaped from area 51 so they cant be captured by the raider.
akalil sahidan
akalil sahidan 2 일 전
It like Toyol,a baby ghost from my country.It following his owner order and his specialist is stealing.
Danny C
Danny C 2 일 전
just some scrawney edgy troll
Do or Dont
Do or Dont 2 일 전
Tiktok enters the chat
skllez 2 일 전
Me getting a speedy freeze for the boys
skllez 2 일 전
No he's in his bedroom watching toy story
Robin' Your Hood
Robin' Your Hood 2 일 전
He escaped the area 51
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