Money In The Grave

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Drake - Topic

Drake - Topic

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Money In The Grave · Drake · Rick Ross
The Best In The World Pack
℗ 2019 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records
Released on: 2019-06-15
Producer: Cydney Christine
Producer: Ljay Currie
Producer: Asoteric
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Noah "40" Shebib
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Harley Arsenault
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Greg Moffet
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Les "Bates" Bateman
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Lindsay Warner
Composer Lyricist: Aubrey Graham
Composer Lyricist: W. Roberts
Composer Lyricist: L. Currie
Composer Lyricist: C. Dade
Composer Lyricist: A. Joergensen
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Abed Almohamad
Abed Almohamad 9 시간 전
me when my mom tells me to clean my room 0:16
😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇
😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇 9 시간 전
We need more drake like this
Kakashi_-_-_ ASTROWORLDTRavnoonelovesme
Kakashi_-_-_ ASTROWORLDTRavnoonelovesme 9 시간 전
😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇 yea
vJxsonv 10 시간 전
He went from giving hella money in the Gods Plan music video to “when I die put my money in the grave” times have changed 😂😭
Aiden Rodriguez
Aiden Rodriguez 11 시간 전
Who else praying for Drake to die, so we can rob that niggaz grave like they did the pharaohs.
Mikeester360 11 시간 전
Me: Why am I single? My mind: 0:16
Tae Sav
Tae Sav 12 시간 전
🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:24
Evan_ Vlogs
Evan_ Vlogs 12 시간 전
Go subscribe to my youtude Evan_ Vlogs
Vin Shepherd
Vin Shepherd 12 시간 전
Lovey this song
Rare Mylo
Rare Mylo 12 시간 전
Drake: Tell em when I die put my money in the grave ! Adonis: 😰
Braulio Ibarra
Braulio Ibarra 12 시간 전
Chaaarbon ⚒️⚒️
austin wilbert
austin wilbert 13 시간 전
I don't really like Drake's music but this is on hit Bru do this more you killed it
SweetScience93 11 시간 전
FOH with that bullshit. This guys been puttin out lava for the past 10 yrs.
Tizz 13 시간 전
Everyone: So how are we going to take over Area 51 Me: 0:16
Jonathan Clarchick
Jonathan Clarchick 14 시간 전
Dog offered Kawhi a seat at the Ovo table to stay. That's real shit!
andy21alex 14 시간 전
Banii în plic 📥
Krista Nelson
Krista Nelson 14 시간 전
Sounds like a poor investment. I mean, what about inflation?!
0:16-1:25 the most intense Therapy Session 1:16 "I don't wanna change I'm good where I'm at" Therapist: You sure? Drake: Yep
J 15 시간 전
In the next life yr tryna stay paid...? "WELL thats not what you said in, 2 Birds 1 Stone" Drake says his FOREVER IN DEBT
who else thinks this coulda been a Drake only track lmao
iDrixity 16 시간 전
12k GSW fans🤣
Andrija Piskać
Andrija Piskać 17 시간 전
Yeah, okay Lil CC on the beat, mmm Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Drake] I mean, where the fuck should I really even start? I got hoes that I'm keepin' in the dark I got my niggas 'cross the street livin' large Thinkin' back to the fact that they dead Thought my raps wasn't facts 'til they sat with the bars I got two phones, one need a charge Yeah, they twins, I could tell they ass apart I got big packs comin' on the way I got big stacks comin' out the safe I got Lil Max with me, he the wave It's a big gap between us in the game In the next life, I'm tryna stay paid When I die, put my money in the grave [Chorus: Drake] When I die, put my money in the grave I really gotta put a couple niggas in they place Really just lapped every nigga in the race I really might tat "Realest Nigga" on my face Lil CC let it slap with the bass I used to save hoes with a mask and a cape Now I'm like, "Nah, love, I'm good, go away" Ain't about to die with no money, I done gave it [Verse 2: Drake] I was on top when that shit meant a lot Still on top like I'm scared of the drop Still on top and these niggas wanna swap Niggas wanna swap like it's Slauson or Watts I don't wanna change 'cause I'm good where I'm at Mob ties, so I'm always good where I'm at Word to Junior, Jazzy, Baby J Tell 'em when I die, put my money in the grave [Verse 3: Rick Ross] Couple figures, killers call and collect (Collect) She fuck a nigga, then she on to the next (Next) Really livin' large, she in awe with a mack When you niggas thinkin' small in the mall with a rat (Rat) Roll with us if you really wanna get it (Get it) Go get a half a million in the Sprinter (Sprinter) Phone ringin', bitches know a big tipper (Tipper) I got the hookup and there's really no limit (Limit) Dead broke is in you nigga DNA (DNA) Rickey Smiley's in Decatur with the yé Lil' nigga, just another state case Bury my motherfuckin' Chase Bank, time to bounce (Bounce) Gotta count on my allowance (Gotta count on my allowance) You niggas snitches so I gotta reroute it (So I gotta reroute it) A nigga drippin' like I got a zillion dollars Got the trap jumpin' like Zion when I rebound it Then I'm out (Then I'm out) And I'll never talk about it (About it) The homies quiet, but we all smoke the loudest (Loudest) Rich niggas and I'm really bein' modest 'Cause the way I do my deals, never treated like a artist Want the house (House) You could DM my accountant My per diem six figures and I'm countin' Nine figures was the goal 'til I hit it These niggas ain't livin', so bury mine with me Ross got it (Maybach Music) [Chorus: Drake] When I die, put my money in the grave I really gotta put a couple niggas in they place Really just lapped every nigga in the race I really might tat "Realest Nigga" on my face Lil CC let it slap with the bass I used to save hoes with a mask and a cape Now I'm like, "Nah, love, I'm good, go away" Ain't about to die with no money, I done gave it
CaliChance 17 시간 전
on the real when you have 500$ go start yourself a retirement fund. or else you wont have shit. real talk from son of a investor
Chris McNally
Chris McNally 18 시간 전
When your Ouija board is your drug dealer, the moneys been in the grave.. Can you dig it wish wish..
The Galactic King
The Galactic King 18 시간 전
Friends: what did you do over the summer ☀️☀️ Me: 0:16
jacrispy jones
jacrispy jones 18 시간 전
Ricky Ross has NOT cleared his throat since 1998🙄
ES4L 18 시간 전
Raps king 👑
CaliChance 19 시간 전
Brandon 19 시간 전
you not gone die with no money I done gave you
Celebrity Hacker
Celebrity Hacker 19 시간 전
Which next life he talking bout🤔 ??????? And y’all still support this mf
who's man is this?
who's man is this? 19 시간 전
Damm drake who flow you stole this time ?
Epic Kyrie
Epic Kyrie 20 시간 전
his album is going to be fire
Cryptic Hawk
Cryptic Hawk 20 시간 전
Tiktok ruined this song
Armaan Lall
Armaan Lall 20 시간 전
Person: where do you want to start in the race? Me: 0:16
Kairo Mejia
Kairo Mejia 20 시간 전
when i die put my money in the grave baby
Dontaddme 21 시간 전
@ ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:15 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻0:00 play it here for one like:)
Tizz 13 시간 전
Dontaddme Copied the other comment but it works a lil better
Amal Nair
Amal Nair 21 시간 전
K Day
K Day 21 시간 전
#MobTies 👔👔👔👔💨💨💨💨
Charlie Bouzeid
Charlie Bouzeid 22 시간 전
This song was made 3 years ago but never realised
Ms Wright
Ms Wright 22 시간 전
This music is the best amount of Scar to you every time is the best music I ever heard in my whole entire life is the best song
Ms Wright
Ms Wright 22 시간 전
Can you make a nether music video like this but but like you said you should watch some more stuff up please I like all your songs I need one more song to get on all your songs and I know you are the best thank you
Berry Kosters
Berry Kosters 22 시간 전
Sherlynn Arcuri
Sherlynn Arcuri 22 시간 전
Ur the best rapper drake like if u argree
CloutDistrict 23 시간 전
0:16 when you get home and your fire bitch be laying naked on the couch
Spooky Bull.
Spooky Bull. 23 시간 전
when i die give my money to my FAMILY
Luis Carlos Sanclemente
Luis Carlos Sanclemente 일 전
Fucking start at fucking beginning
Suburban Noize
Suburban Noize 일 전
AFL bali
AFL bali 일 전
●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:25 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
can we get this channel to 100000 subscribers
can we get this channel to 100000 subscribers 일 전
when your parents ask what do u want for your birthday 0:16
Bumping on da toilet rn
MusicCharts TV
MusicCharts TV 일 전
🔥 Drake feat. Rick Ross - Money in The Grave 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *1.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS*
Dylan Jacques
Dylan Jacques 일 전
Warriors Fans ( including me ) : were going to win the finals Draketors: 0:16
acacia DiLaurentis
acacia DiLaurentis 일 전
fuck godddd , the devil however, she can fuck meeee
Lyski 일 전
That hi hat pattern
Colin Levy
Colin Levy 일 전
When you drop out of high school and your principal asks why? 0:16
Mario Mendoza
Mario Mendoza 일 전
I still haven't seen a brinks truck at a funeral... (Eddie Griffin)
David Tolman
David Tolman 일 전
When you're at the restaurant with bae and she asks you what you want so you're like 0:16
Trenton Williamson
Trenton Williamson 일 전
0:16 through 0:20 should be a Danny Duncan intro😂
Clutch handla
Clutch handla 일 전
this lit man im trying to gain a fan base, anyone interested ? ~ clutch handla
Chris McNally
Chris McNally 일 전
Anne Aly
Anne Aly 일 전
Rick Ross just sounds like lung cancer
Gucci Will
Gucci Will 일 전
I never need a lighter again🔥🚬
MindOfJes TV
MindOfJes TV 일 전
GO WARRIORS BITCH💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉
ItsNotNoahツ 일 전
0:46 😉 Your Welcome
yikzs 일 전
Barocka Boma: What didn't i complete when i was president. Me: 0:16
Jordan Bomar
Jordan Bomar 일 전
What happened between you and ypur ex? 1:28
Mario 일 전
*Therapist: So how would you describe your sister?* *Me: **1:28*
Natalie Manriquez
Natalie Manriquez 일 전
I’m gonna find that mothafuckas grave 🤑🤑
Malcolm's World
Malcolm's World 일 전
song so heat i started sweating
SiithromgortoX 일 전
Drake are you good? Drake: yeah I’m 0:04
SiithromgortoX 일 전
Why does drake always start his songs like he’s on the phone with his mom and she’s making sure she has everything for a school trip
Antônio Franco
Antônio Franco 일 전
Nenhum brazuka? Por aqui que isso kkkk💚💛kd representa aí? ???
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