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Lynsey S.
Lynsey S. 시간 전
What happened to not running away from this? You fucked up. Honestly just admit to that and either shut down your cosmetics line or try again. But as a CEO, you don’t get to run away if things don’t go according to plan. That’s part of the gig you gotta suck it up. Honestly, I don’t think this career path is right for you but that’s just my opinion.
Hey! Good for you! A lot of folks wouldn’t have the guts to start their own company. I’ve read a little bit on what’s going on. Did you apologize? Yup. Offer/give a refund? Yup! You don’t have to draw blood for folks to accept your apology. Some just thrive on drama just look at the comments and replies. Reject the negativity, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and never give up. ❤️
Emily x
Emily x 2 시간 전
to be honest i wa expecting another laura and james "apology" video 😂
ayeitsisabelle 3 시간 전
Yo where you at Jaclyn??????? Still running away from problems? People need you and you dipped.
Jennifer Ludwig
Jennifer Ludwig 6 시간 전
Chris Reichert
Chris Reichert 6 시간 전
Safiya can make better lipsticks in a KITCHEN. Sis, it’s funny how you only didn’t delete the media that made you money. Suprised people still support you.
juniper echeveria
juniper echeveria 6 시간 전
Her vocabulary and understanding of the english language is very limited.
Shalu Michelle
Shalu Michelle 7 시간 전
This is the most unapologetic video I’ve ever watched.
Sumbal Rehman
Sumbal Rehman 7 시간 전
Jaclyn I miss you...... you don’t have to worry and stress out like that ppl always learn from their mistakes it happens no one is perfect ❤️❤️ come back
Monica Elizondo
Monica Elizondo 7 시간 전
Most lipsticks are hazardous I’m sure yours is too. EWG girl. You keep saying FDA approved. USA only bans like 30 cosmetic ingredients that are probably causing your anxiety and other health issues
Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden 8 시간 전
You are not answering the questions you should check your lipsticks before sent to consumers as others do
Katrrey 8 시간 전
Dont come back to KRwomen.. the lies.. and unprofessionalism are disgusting.
Jennifer Malarick
Jennifer Malarick 8 시간 전
Please come back. Miss your videos. 💕💕💕
pedro sanchez
pedro sanchez 9 시간 전
This is what brand owners do they now they're brand are famous.so they try to cut off on the budget for the materials to build them and then go cheaper on the products and expensive on the brand
pedro sanchez
pedro sanchez 9 시간 전
And supposedly she is all about their followers let's see if she returns all the money from all the people that bought the makeup and plus a gifts
Casi Casi
Casi Casi 9 시간 전
I think she was genuine, honest and up front about what happened. She took ownership of the mistakes and I think her personally making this video says alot.
ash dani
ash dani 9 시간 전
you guys arent even listening to her. she has valid reasons. stop being so dramatic.
pedro sanchez
pedro sanchez 9 시간 전
That's what all the owners of brand say just to cover their ass don't buy her stuff and if you guys can sue that b****
Nellie Singh
Nellie Singh 10 시간 전
These are the most bullshit excuses just own it Jaclyn
Devin Reid
Devin Reid 10 시간 전
My dude or dudette, the lipstick was contaminated with metal which in worst case scenario could and can kill someone.
Elizabeth Dollinger
Elizabeth Dollinger 11 시간 전
Not even weighing in on the situation, but some of these comments are just disgusting. I can't imagine being Jaclyn reading these. No matter what mistakes were made on her part, no one deserves to be treated this way. Sad.
Jo Can't
Jo Can't 11 시간 전
So sorry this happened to Jaclyn. There's some hiccups in her first launch and mob mentality prevailed to crucify her. Hope she bounces back.
Jo Can't
Jo Can't 9 시간 전
@elizabeth nah
elizabeth 10 시간 전
Jo Can't she deserves it so
Wibbles Wibbles
Wibbles Wibbles 11 시간 전
why you look like the great value version of Marilyn Manson
As at
As at 11 시간 전
“I’m not gonna get away from this”, disappears from social media-
Yarazet Preciado
Yarazet Preciado 11 시간 전
I miss you.. please come back already 😕
Andria Wallace
Andria Wallace 11 시간 전
You had all the tools to be a hit,make loads of money, have a pretty much set in stone following of supporters, and an instant success makeup line. And here you are, out here making yourself and your company into a complete joke. All bc corners were cut and you can't handle the criticism. This should of never even happened. Period. Esp since your such a perfectionist as u say. But recalling immediately and taking the L would of still saved you. Honestly I don't feel bad for you. I did at first but you brought this on yourself Jaclyn. I can't say I hope you come back up tbh. Idk if you deserve the following you have. But then again,this is just my opinion.
Emocon 12 시간 전
she says she's not gonna run away from the issue but she's not even talking about all the people who have gotten physically hurt by the lipsticks. people how gotten rashes, cuts on the lips, and other issues with that.
Kassidy Roberts
Kassidy Roberts 13 시간 전
Where are you??? I miss you and your photos, videos, your voice!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭please come back
lauren sherman
lauren sherman 13 시간 전
Jaclyn please come back! We love you! Fuck the haters. You are human and we all make mistakes, we got your back
floofy corazon
floofy corazon 13 시간 전
Oh sis, all you had to do was recall, and refund the product and tell the truth. Then come back with it fixed and revamped. Now your brand is probably destroyed.
GlamMariaa 14 시간 전
Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 15 시간 전
I'm a madlad so I set the playback speed to 2x
THE beauty channel
THE beauty channel 15 시간 전
So this girl or whatever she is deletes her social media ?? Just because of lipsticks ?? And hate comments ?? Girl you should of stuck to eyeshadow palettes more if you knew you wouldn't make perfect lipsticks for us
Hanan Issa
Hanan Issa 15 시간 전
hahahahahahhahahahahaaha pure content, PURE!!! Jaclyn you r soooo funny. *reads comments* wait..... THIS WASNT A JOKE???!!! ;-;
Monica Montalvo
Monica Montalvo 16 시간 전
Please come back!!!! I miss you!!!!
Lea Ann Cassidy
Lea Ann Cassidy 16 시간 전
Please make a make up video! I miss watching your videos every week. Lots of love Lea Ann😘💕
irisingeorgia 17 시간 전
Jaclyn when are you coming back to social media? We miss you! People make mistakes and that’s ok. 🌹
Lady Swan
Lady Swan 12 시간 전
she literally hurt people with her lipsticks...that's ok?
MJD MJD 17 시간 전
omg i cant with all these " I miss you" and "I love you" comments. HELLO!!!! she's some chick that makes YT videos. You arent friends in real life. you dont each other or hang out so How in hell can you all be so attached to someone making videos online?! what a sad state of today's society!
Stephanie Tyson
Stephanie Tyson 18 시간 전
How does she still have 5+ million subs? Are consumers that dumb that they’ll continue to support someone that does good makeup and they THINK they know. Hello people she only shows you what she wants you to see. None of you know who she really is behind closed doors. Stop making her rich for scamming people
Amalin Carmichael
Amalin Carmichael 18 시간 전
But if you spent 5 years perfecting your product, these shouldn’t even be issues. It’s really disappointing that you try to make excuses instead of just admitting to your wrongs and recalling the product.
SaltyGirlMarina 18 시간 전
I’m loosing brain cells every minute because of listening to her fast voice
White Scorpioncz
White Scorpioncz 19 시간 전
krwomen.com/id/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Yy3dIicSI_0.html This is just perfect for this this part if for Jaclyn 0:04
signorina27 19 시간 전
Sweetie, you did your best and sometimes it gets really tough and people can be mean! But you know what, there's A LOT of people out there who support you, love you and are rooting for you. So pick yourself up and come back to social media and let's HANDLE THIS GURL!
The Sydney G
The Sydney G 20 시간 전
Take a deep breath girl!
Candice Argenas
Candice Argenas 20 시간 전
Still waiting on my complete refund over here... 🤔💸
Stephanie Tyson
Stephanie Tyson 20 시간 전
Holy fuck after watching Marlena’s video I have to say not only will I NEVER watch one of your videos again but I’ll make sure to tell everyone I can not to watch or ever use any of your products now or in your future. This is not only cause of that video but because of the way you handle the lipstick mess. Your literally treated your fans like shit and come off as a horrible human being. Time to find a new job! Good fucken bye!!!!!
Stephanie Tyson
Stephanie Tyson 20 시간 전
Holy fuck after watching Marlena’s video I have to say not only will I NEVER watch one of your videos again but I’ll make sure to tell everyone I can not to watch or ever use any of your products now or in your future. This is not only cause of that video but because of the way you handle the lipstick mess. Your literally treated your fans like shit and come off as a horrible human being. Time to find a new job! Good fucken bye!!!!!
Amal Aldharhani
Amal Aldharhani 20 시간 전
WTF is wrong with you people... We all make mistakes... she made one and is trying to help/fix it. If you guys didnt like the product and the seller.. why buy it in first? Such nonsense
floofy corazon
floofy corazon 13 시간 전
No. She is running. If she wanted to fix it, she would have recalled the product and refunded everyone. And then fix her screw ups. Easy. She would have been fine. But nope, she runs, lies, and attacks her own fans. She is a child.
Andy 16 시간 전
Amal Aldharhani trying to fix it by deleting her entire social except for the one that brings in money? I can’t seem to connect the dots, you’re just brainwashed.
Natalie Scofield
Natalie Scofield 20 시간 전
I love Jaclyn so much :(((
Nilde Lopes
Nilde Lopes 20 시간 전
Esse baton é horrível
The Ice Princess
The Ice Princess 22 시간 전
Are you coming back?
Dïanne Shelbee
Dïanne Shelbee 22 시간 전
Arctic Fox Games
Arctic Fox Games 22 시간 전
Can someone give me the time stamp for when she addresses the metal and glass pieces that are injuring people using her product? Thanks
woundedryhmes 23 시간 전
sorry this happened to you... probably the lab owners wanted to milk you and they should really face charges.
Meghan Kohli
Meghan Kohli 23 시간 전
I miss you and I love your lipstick I didn't even want my refund ❤️💜❤️💜❤️I got control freak and the formula is amazing and so user friendly I use it everyday! Don't let the haters bring you down 🤗
vintage_ honey210
vintage_ honey210 15 시간 전
I agree 100%. Mine was just fine and I absolutely love it!
Thelma Vungboi
Thelma Vungboi 23 시간 전
Lol don’t know how I find myself playing with the playback speed.
Vanilla Orange Coke
Vanilla Orange Coke 일 전
"I want my subscribers to be honest with me and how they genuinely feel about my product" *It fucking sucks*
My Hero Academia Fan_Bri
My Hero Academia Fan_Bri 일 전
But why would they let them use white fluffy gloves, if they know the have fuzz on them? How would that get passed quality control?
susana fernandez
susana fernandez 일 전
Fucking shit
susana fernandez
susana fernandez 일 전
I only listen cry cry cryyyyyy
Kayla Rae
Kayla Rae 일 전
Couldn’t imagine being a grown ass woman in my 30s and running away from my problems like a little bitch. Jaclyn isn’t known by most people outside of KRwomen, the only people that bought her product were her fans. Jaclyn’s fans trusted her and what did she do, push out a disgusting hairy and moldy product. And when fans start complaining about the product, she runs and hides like a little bitch, leaving her fans/customers in the dark and leaving them with questions. That’s how Jaclyn treats the people who support her dreams. Y’all defending Jaclyn in the comments sound dumb as hell. Jaclyn don’t give a fuck about you and if she did then she wouldn’t have deleted her only forms of contact
Kirsti Duffin
Kirsti Duffin 일 전
Yeh I agree with you. It’s so true that people out with this industry don’t know who she is and it’s all her fans who give her the lifestyle she has. Disappearing was all for sympathy so that people backed off like what happened last year She’s went too far this time it’s ridiculous and the fact her mum is still defending her saying keep her in your prays Like seriously wtf
Kayla Rae
Kayla Rae 일 전
Kirsti Duffin it’s honestly not even about the lipsticks anymore , it’s about how she’s treating her fans after all the backlash.
Kirsti Duffin
Kirsti Duffin 일 전
Kayla Rae I can’t even handle the devotion that people have. The I miss you comments and you’re only human we all make mistakes really pisses me off 😓
Mihaela 일 전
If your followers are all that matters to you, tell them to stop using the products at least for a moment. U would look much better
мσηкєу :3
мσηкєу :3 일 전
mhm this is why Jojo handled it better ;)
Boss- C-
Boss- C- 일 전
Mass production did not go into production...1:30
Mist Rose AJ
Mist Rose AJ 일 전
i got something i want to say, she says that she wants people to be the most satisfied they can be, so why would she tell you all the reasons why things are how they are instead of recalling it and giving refunds or fixed versions. i mean even if there is nothing wrong people are still unsatisfied with how it looks and they still feel unsafe
Angie Tucker
Angie Tucker 일 전
Come back Jaclyn. Please don’t let this keep you from doing videos and makeup. Your great and missed very much. Your better than any of this negativity.
Margarita Nguyen
Margarita Nguyen 일 전
Watching this in 2x speed...and pretending to care... it's so entertaining HAHAHA
Adidashat Games
Adidashat Games 일 전
Why is she talking so fast
Mima D
Mima D 일 전
"Informed information" - I am deceased.
Just Your Average Retard
Just Your Average Retard 일 전
you lying piece of absolute shit. do you see what this lipstick is doing to people? RECALL YOUR LIPSTICK. it is HURTING people, making them SICK and your trying to cover it all up? companies have insurance for a REASON. to recall shit like this. i'm honestly surprised you have 5.9M subs.
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