OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

3 개월 전

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal 2 시간 전
What is the wallpaper site or app you follow for such wallpapers?
Kashish Sharma
Kashish Sharma 4 시간 전
"48MP for Everyone" Except the Pixel.😁😆😄
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez 12 시간 전
What is the calendar app or reminders you have on the second page?
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez 12 시간 전
What is the calendar app or reminders you have on the second page?
Sachin Dagar
Sachin Dagar 16 시간 전
Your wallpaper is very cool
Jonathan Connor
Jonathan Connor 18 시간 전
Is the google cam mod out for it?
anudeep nayak
anudeep nayak 일 전
Are there any android tablets with high refresh rates ?
일 전
The echo is pretty bad in this.
Shawn Decker
Shawn Decker 17 시간 전
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu 일 전
Yes sir, everyone can easily makeout that 90hz refresh rate is amazing n super fluid.... Great animations on my 7pro
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu 일 전
World's best good looking phone with crazy speed.... Luv one plus devices
dillbill2A 2 일 전
oh crap so no headphone jack, meaning bluetooth only. fuuuuck
vinay Kumar
vinay Kumar 2 일 전
Waiting for my boy Thanos purple version .
Rashad 17 시간 전
Lol😂 what about Gamora Green😂
hm Gc
hm Gc 2 일 전
Price is not really less than other high end phones. None of the wireless companies sell this phone with their plans. If you calculate what you would pay for pixel or Samsung by buying it on a plan vs buying one plus and getting BYOD plan, they are all pretty close. When I bought pixel 2, it came out to be cheaper than my friends one plus.
Siddhartha Mandugula
Siddhartha Mandugula 2 일 전
I brought this phone, the only cons abt this is it's very heavy
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas 3 일 전
It’s an atrocity that a phone like this costs $699 and other phones are going for $1000. The fucking IPhone XR Costa more than this and people still justify it 🤣
DanielThePro29 3 일 전
watching this on the one plus 7 pro this is amazing phone and the phone of the year it even better then the galaxy note 10+
MrTenniskiller 3 일 전
It has everything perfect!
Nise C
Nise C 3 일 전
Really wish this phone had a headphone jack, it's such a deal breaker for lots of people.
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios 일 전
@Nise C only good quality ones do like sennhiser or Sony . Most don't my Level U pro and my JBL E65BTNC don't use AptX only my sennhiser HD4.40BT have it
Nise C
Nise C 일 전
@Xistence Studios Apple uses AAC for iphone cuz they didn't wanna pay Qualcomm (AAC is a good codec but not built for Bluetooth). Heck, even Mac supports aptX.
Nise C
Nise C 일 전
@Xistence Studios I think most headphones for Android use AptX/AptX HD rather than AAC, I only find those AAC headphones in Apple's own product (Airpods, Beats, etc.)
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios 일 전
@Nise C yes that is true but most headphones don't support LDAC , they use low bit rate ACC or SBS protocols. While you are connected you can try to change the codec but if it isn't supported it will revert back
Nise C
Nise C 일 전
@Xistence Studios U CAN increate bitrate actually, LDAC has 3 modes (connection/normal/priority) each has its own bitrate(330/660/990kbps), by toggling the LDAC mode, you can effectively increate bitrate. (Lots of device defaults to connection/normal mode, unlike LG which has a emphasis on audio quality)
Vishnu H S
Vishnu H S 3 일 전
Its not as fast as the iPhone, but no one is! Loved the video..
FreeReyan 30
FreeReyan 30 3 일 전
Vishnu H S tbh this phone is better then the iPhone in everything
BIG BOI tm 3 일 전
silly fast = dummy thick
Martin Grahan
Martin Grahan 3 일 전
Rad Kotssigner
Rad Kotssigner 4 일 전
Say no to curve screen
Critic Nipun
Critic Nipun 4 일 전
Upset...It doesn't support 960fps format.
Critic Nipun
Critic Nipun 3 일 전
@Michael White 😭😭😭
Michael White
Michael White 3 일 전
AAAWWWW, u wanna hug?
Karthik Sunil
Karthik Sunil 4 일 전
Watching on my OP7 pro
Sriparno Baksi
Sriparno Baksi 4 일 전
Good Phone.
Escanor TV
Escanor TV 4 일 전
Oneplus 7 pro vs iPhone xs max which would i choose? Please reply my man
Escanor TV
Escanor TV 4 일 전
@Revoped thanks bro
Revoped 4 일 전
Go for the oneplus 7 pro
Debanga Bhushan Sarma
Debanga Bhushan Sarma 5 일 전
OnePlus7 gang? Where are you
Shivam S Rawat
Shivam S Rawat 5 일 전
Watching on my OnePlus 7 pro. It's awesome
ha kha
ha kha 4 일 전
Shivam S Rawat, what do you recommend sir? Note 10 or one plus 7?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 5 일 전
At first I had no idea why I disliked this. Then I remembered it's because you don't have captions or subtitles. Now, I'm not deaf, but you really need to enable them. Your production quality is great, I know you can enable either auto subs, or get someone to make them.
Kevin Appleton
Kevin Appleton 5 일 전
Given that it's an AMOLED try using the black screen theme settings in the phone menu, it helps with the battery
Zuhayr Rahman
Zuhayr Rahman 5 일 전
Got this phone yesterday and I love it
Mingyao Liu
Mingyao Liu 6 일 전
start at '669' nice 1+
James Robert
James Robert 6 일 전
If only Harmony OS was installed on this phone!
JC Jackson Jr
JC Jackson Jr 6 일 전
Just picked mine up 3 days ago. Been getting over 7 hours of screen time with 20% left. The 8 gig. So far very fast and fluid.
marvin Jackson jr
marvin Jackson jr 5 일 전
Just got mine today and screen on time looks to be impressive.
Mohammad Bin Atique
Mohammad Bin Atique 7 일 전
your videos make me sleepy
Megamind Universe
Megamind Universe 7 일 전
Finally a phone that turn heads
ankit raj
ankit raj 7 일 전
Please make a gcam mod camera review for this
shit's classic X
shit's classic X 8 일 전
Shows us 90hz gameplay, watching on my 60hz note 9 Me: i have no idea what tf this dude ranting about.
saket tiwari
saket tiwari 8 일 전
Looking forward for the comeback of folding phone
Tintu Mone
Tintu Mone 8 일 전
Mahn . You're Killin it . Tell me how to be rich like you !
Nate 8 일 전
Mike Lo
Mike Lo 8 일 전
I would get this just for the pop up camera
JAYCAST cooky 8 일 전
I just got the Oneplu 7pro and I've noticing dark pixelated areas when watching KRwomen videos and filming 1080p and 4k video😭😭😭😭
rushi vachhani
rushi vachhani 8 일 전
8 일 전
That’s my school fees
Karthik Mk
Karthik Mk 8 일 전
U want to expand the battery
el rumi
el rumi 9 일 전
Which one, oneplus 7 pro vs redmi k20 pro?
Sebastian Palacios
Sebastian Palacios 9 일 전
1:06 NICE
Gagan Deep Singh
Gagan Deep Singh 9 일 전
this vivo ad
MaZEEZaM 9 일 전
It costs $1400 AUD in Australia :(
MaZEEZaM 9 일 전
Love the look of the grip case, I hate how slippery my Nokia phone is.
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh 10 일 전
the selfie camera placement would just stop you from putting any skin on it. Isn't it ? Does anyone have any good example of skins for this phone ?
10 일 전
From where can I get these kind of wallpapers??
Pepper :
Pepper : 10 일 전
“silly fast”
Radvis Stankunas
Radvis Stankunas 10 일 전
So the camera is garbage?
Kazma Boy09
Kazma Boy09 10 일 전
How can you get the google mod?
Hafiz Kenzo
Hafiz Kenzo 10 일 전
The only thing that stopping me from buying this phone is the size. It's too freaking big
Jay8stefan 10 일 전
Every case for OP7pro had a ear bump which accualy hurts. I don't know if you guys have the same problem but OP has it's top speaker so high that every case is uncomfortable to hold by the ear. I'm still looking for something which doesn't cover the beatiful blue color of OP7pro and something which doesn't have bump on the top of the phone - the best will be something like "mod-3" or "radius X cases" for iphone but noone maks such cases for OP:(
GeekyTechyCool 11 일 전
I dig everything about this phone I just wish the camera performance was better. With some software updates, some luck with community support, this phone could be the best underdog solution out there.
M&A Records
M&A Records 11 일 전
As I am switching from iphone 6s+ 32gb to one plus 7pro, I really think that this phone is should be a better choice than buying an Iphone7 plus 128 gb, because everything will be just the same in iphone variants, except some things like somewhat battery, camera and a little bit of storage. what do you say Marques?
M&A Records
M&A Records 2 일 전
I have switched to oneplus 7 pro now and it feels super super amazing at first I thought that it would be hard for me to switch from iOS to Android but it's not the case it's just so much amazing
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 2 일 전
I’m on the iPhone 7 128 and it feels really outdated, super slow already. Few up with Apple and their absurd pricing strategy. Time to leave the Apple eco system
Viktor Överli
Viktor Överli 8 일 전
This phone is a much better choice than even the iPhone x
dcpu jodhpur
dcpu jodhpur 11 일 전
LáSt ŪçhïHã
LáSt ŪçhïHã 9 일 전
No one needs u so can leave
Ryan E.
Ryan E. 10 일 전
It is 669...
Melancholy TM
Melancholy TM 12 일 전
Is this more powerful than the XR?
Riashad Hassan
Riashad Hassan 11 일 전
No it isn't. The iPhone XR has A12 bionic chip. Which is the class leading SoC in Mobile chipsets.
Wavey mofo
Wavey mofo 11 일 전
I guess it is because it is newer
shreykar dubey
shreykar dubey 12 일 전
one plus 7pro vs s10 ?? any comments ?
Actually_ 12 일 전
Lol, watching on an Iphone 8 plus, this is my next phone for sure....
Dark 12 일 전
I have a Google pixel 2 currently , I bought it in Feb 2018 .. it's working fine except the volume is really low .. I do want a one plus or a good phone .. Anyone think I should get this around December ...
RvvXYSZN 9 일 전
I would recommend actually buying one of the flagship Xiaomi phones they have a even better value for money
Dark 12 일 전
@Sandesh Kunwar yeah I guess .. I do love taking photos 😂
Dark 12 일 전
@Sandesh Kunwar I will .. however for me the only problem is the water IP .. wireless charging would be cool but it doesn't bother me that it comes with an actual rapid charger ...
Sandesh Kunwar
Sandesh Kunwar 12 일 전
Wait till december . Some phones might change your mind. Every month 1-2 great phone comes in . Oneplus 7 pro (lacks water ip ratings? , Wireless charge, pro camera setup)
Sandesh Kunwar
Sandesh Kunwar 12 일 전
Nokia 9 shoots in raw/ p30 pro huawei . They got the best camera bruhh . Just sayin . I'd get pixel 4 if it releases and is great.
12 일 전
669 wasint very hard to remember, most because of the fact that it has 69 in it
Lego & Entertainment
Lego & Entertainment 12 일 전
This no headphone jack trend NEEDS TO STOP
Matthew Montenegro
Matthew Montenegro 2 시간 전
For me this "no headphone jack trend" is acceptable in probably ONLY flagships like the huawei p30 pro im using now because if your gonna buy an expensive phone why fuss about wireless earpods. You get my point?
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios 2 일 전
@EtherCalm especially when audio quality is the first priority. The headphones I own still sound better on AUX when it comes to higher quality audio files than on Bluetooth even with AptX
Ragib Intesar
Ragib Intesar 13 일 전
669$? NICE
The unkown meme
The unkown meme 13 일 전
*clicks on video* Gets a god dam marvel ad
grafwryta 13 일 전
How do I get a mod? I'd like to buy a 7pro or 7t
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