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Tiger Woods wins The 2019 Masters | SportsCenter

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2 개월 전

Tiger Woods battles a crowded leaderboard and ultimately wins his first major in 11 years and his fifth career green jacket by winning The 2019 Masters Tournament.
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tigertiger woods the masterstiger woodstiger woods wins masters 2019

Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 8 시간 전
Joseph Balachick
Joseph Balachick 13 시간 전
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs 17 시간 전
I get he was happy. Winning the masters after all that rape, drinking, drugs, arrests, and probably murder. But did he have to damn near squish the kid to death? Hey tiger, u aren't a real tiger. Bring it down a bit.
whatever3210 3 일 전
I used to dislike Tiger now he's my favorite athlete. What an amazing story, and it's not over.
ganjasmoke21 3 일 전
Gold jacket, green jacket who gives a shit..
Johnny Mak
Johnny Mak 4 일 전
There’s a lot of people who said he was washed up, and he didn’t stand a chance.....bullshit. Well done!
henry turner
henry turner 4 일 전
Tiger won the masters? Good thing I stopped getting high.
Joseph Balachick
Joseph Balachick 5 일 전
my dad is Tiger woods love that kid
bee vee
bee vee 5 일 전
This keeps showing up in my recommendations, so I keep watching. Never forget!
Dixie Normis
Dixie Normis 8 일 전
Still cheated on his wife tho....
Gypsyfirefly 9 일 전
Now that’s one great day! ❤️🇺🇸 Tiger Woods is the greatest‼️‼️
Rob S.
Rob S. 9 일 전
Hey, isn't this guys real name Karl Woodward ?
DealBreakerz 10 일 전
Tiger let the hair go or get a transplant. Lol.
NYVET 10 일 전
Can't stop watching this!
jhaz89 14 일 전
That shot on 16. Clutch
Elizabeth Bobb
Elizabeth Bobb 15 일 전
I am so happy for you. Enjoy enjoy!!!!Love you Mr. Woods
Gods Servant
Gods Servant 15 일 전
Quit posting about it . He is a has been
Mel Soderlund
Mel Soderlund 17 일 전
I cannot judge this great man.
HyperL 18 일 전
I watch this about once a week and smile every time.
Custom Coin Rings USA
Custom Coin Rings USA 20 일 전
I can understand not posting this in 4K due to size, but not even 1080p resolution which is standard? Come on, this is ESPN the largest sports network. Get your $hit together!
d.u.g. Drilly
d.u.g. Drilly 20 일 전
he's still apart of the club.
D Me
D Me 21 일 전
Then, he went to play kissy-ass with The Idiot Trump, & that bad jou-jou is gonna stick for a while.
Pentagon Jr 304
Pentagon Jr 304 22 일 전
Tiger Woods is the goat of golf
James Lane
James Lane 25 일 전
Tiger 20 million-dollar yacht cost $2000000 a year to store like I said I'll talk to some friends of mine Aaron
James Lane
James Lane 24 일 전
Do you know where the Persian Gulf is
James Lane
James Lane 24 일 전
Here did some numbers for you 19. AT. 028. Martin. Maritime Mobile station near Holland do you know where near Holland is you know where the Persian Gulf is
akosh1976 24 일 전
James Lane something tells me you don’t know numbers
James Lane
James Lane 25 일 전
Tiger I'll get with some yachting friends of mine at yacht companies and see if I can't get that boat sold for you quickly I know it cost a lot of money to keep that thing in storage
James Lane
James Lane 25 일 전
Why would you want to sell your yacht tiger such a beautiful Thang and all that big money you have
James Lane
James Lane 25 일 전
Does it sell pretty good tiger nice yacht I hear Voyager way Martin
James Lane
James Lane 25 일 전
I'm sorry tiger about your boat that you haven't got it sold yet for 20 million why would you want to sell such a beautiful thing
scott Knows
scott Knows 27 일 전
Don’t smile till the end... “Sweet”!
jacqueline walsh
jacqueline walsh 개월 전
Tiger Woods winning the masters is a great story i think its the story of the sports year by far where he was at mentally and physically 18 months prior for him to win the Masters is just incredible and it shows why he is the greatest of all time what he did only special athletes greatness can accomplish a win like that even though he came back to golf nobody thought he would ever ever win the Masters again sports story if the year by far
Cruz Gonzalez
Cruz Gonzalez 개월 전
The only thing I don't like he is Dolan friend 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅
Lyle Hwong
Lyle Hwong 개월 전
Tiger a real champion of life and thank you too those that have Always had his back. 👍👊🏆
John Linnon
John Linnon 개월 전
Now he misses the PGA cut. If his health is better, it might be better for him to play more than once a month or so. And build up his strength, confidence. Repetition.
John Collins
John Collins 개월 전
Eduardo Ramirez
Eduardo Ramirez 개월 전
Fuck tiger woods. He can go get another hoe to fuck on.
MrExclaimed 개월 전
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 개월 전
Tiger Woo!!!!
FreshTillDeath56 개월 전
Nothing better than watching a disgraced man find redemption. A true legend.
steel crow
steel crow 개월 전
I don't know why i suddenly quit soccer and join a local golf club
steel crow
steel crow 개월 전
@FreshTillDeath56 am still training
FreshTillDeath56 개월 전
steel crow Golf's an amazing game. You'll learn to love the outdoors more too ;)
Filthy Anemal
Filthy Anemal 개월 전
Let’s goooo
Ron Babu
Ron Babu 개월 전
J Obamastein
J Obamastein 개월 전
Tiger will go down in history as the greatest golfer ever. KAG2020 & Forever - Shalom
Carlos Castelan Torres
Carlos Castelan Torres 개월 전
Kolt Garber
Kolt Garber 개월 전
Good for him
Rachel Jornales
Rachel Jornales 개월 전
Denise Harper
Denise Harper 개월 전
Well you might want these Masters but to me he'll always be a he's a cheater!!!!
Windell McSpindell
Windell McSpindell 개월 전
There have been roughly 8000 rounds of tournament golf played at the Masters since 1934. Of those rounds, Tiger has competed professionally in 20 and won 5 times. To put that into perspective, around 7931rounds have been played by the world's top players without a single win..
rob corrigan
rob corrigan 개월 전
Great to see tiger winning majors an moving up the world ranking .
Rya N
Rya N 개월 전
Green jacket I thought it was a gold jacket ahahah
yaakcon 개월 전
Hard to understand black people's obsession of this man. This dude does not see himself as black. He is not Mohamed Ali or Jesse Owens.
ツFlexLife 개월 전
I actually know Tiger. I am so glad he had a son!
Tomas Salmon
Tomas Salmon 개월 전
Why would you set up spectators along the drive shots?
John Frasca
John Frasca 개월 전
All is right in the universe again
theresa webb
theresa webb 개월 전
F orger.t young guns tiger is back. Tiger is on the trail.
theresa webb
theresa webb 개월 전
My father loved vhim so much too.
theresa webb
theresa webb 개월 전
What a great mo m ent f or tiger happy for him.
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson 개월 전
Kumulaau 개월 전
Probably one of the greatest comebacks of our lifetime!
Joeybago12 개월 전
Is it me or does tiger have a speed injected twisted face?
akosh1976 24 일 전
Joeybago12 it is you and your sick brain
David Mauldin
David Mauldin 개월 전
I had a friend (no longer friends) who called Tiger every racist name in the book along with, "He will never win again!" Feels soooo good!
John Towers
John Towers 개월 전
Jordan Davis Tiger is a winner, ME TOO.🤔🤔🤔
Donzella Craig
Donzella Craig 개월 전
Tiger so glad to see you back where you belong, I'm praying for you and your family, my God continue to keep you in his care .
GolfLists 개월 전
Started from the bottom now we here! 🐅
jamesnm21 개월 전
Not a fan.
akosh1976 24 일 전
jamesnm21 good...we don’t need u
NJD1991 21
NJD1991 21 개월 전
And to believe he couldn't walk at one point his back was so bad. He raised back up where he belongs
Will K
Will K 개월 전
Who disliked this video? Honestly
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan 개월 전
he was 100 to 1!!!!!!! people got RICH cause of Tiger winning this
wizzum64 개월 전
He has to be the pga's ultimate badass
kmccurdy21 개월 전
Gold jacket, Green jacket, who gives a shit
Patty Rhin
Patty Rhin 개월 전
Yes, Tiger!❤
Jeff Sol
Jeff Sol 개월 전
Tiger gave up that Stack and Tilt style drive that was screwing up his back. This win was the result
Rollo Lamont
Rollo Lamont 개월 전
The thumbs down are from the fat out of shape angry anti-heterosexual-men feminist b*tches U F*cks U!
Zack Lyon
Zack Lyon 개월 전
Christopher Gagliardi
Christopher Gagliardi 개월 전
REDEMPTION for tiger woods after all the trials he has endured! Welcome home to the mountaintop tiger! We still love you! Congratulations!
Bob Villa
Bob Villa 2 개월 전
🐅 was on fire! I’m so excited! He put a ball into the hole less times than anyone else! Amazing! What a hero! A champion! Great speed on long puts! Wow!! Did you see how many people offered to open their mouths for his 🍆?
Almighty Be honest
Almighty Be honest 2 개월 전
The master, is the Hero 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Brianmason3636 2 개월 전
I know I’m way late on this but still gonna say it......congrats Tiger!!! You absolutely deserved it sir!!! I have and always will have the utmost respect for this man! I wish I was good as him when he was six years old!!
Rapportus5 2 개월 전
We love a redemption story.
DarlingNikki2 2 개월 전
This win (especially when he hugged his children and mom) and his 11th major he won after his father passed brought me to tears!
Cabrito Tequila
Cabrito Tequila 2 개월 전
Gotta love a man who wins against all odds and still is humble and personable. Congratulations Tiger!
ToneyMACKism TV
ToneyMACKism TV 2 개월 전
Congrats Tiger!!!!
tim23tom23 2 개월 전
Tiger Woods
Jason Fundora
Jason Fundora 2 개월 전
Now Lionel Messi has to win the UCL and it will be the perfect year.
Man In Black
Man In Black 개월 전
?? He's just getting started on chapter 2 of his career. He still has to win two more times to pass the all-time win mark and 4 more majors to beat Jack's 18
No it isn’t the excitement isn’t in it when U free it’s boring to bang as many women plus he was so sheltered for so long so during he’s marriage that was the demon excitement that most men do cheat n whore around he to settled now it wouldn’t b fun now
Pure Couples
Pure Couples 2 개월 전
Big Cats iron play was superb and going back to his big slice off the tough driving holes for him ( holes 2,7,14,17)
neuva tierra
neuva tierra 2 개월 전
What the shit..I can't believe people actually root for and care what a person who makes millions playing a leisure game does. Golf the ultimate leisure game. People are so stupid. Look at all those dumbasses cheering for a golfer.
cpk1994 개월 전
The only dumbass is the one who is still posting despite hating it. I guess you rode the short bus before making that post.
Man In Black
Man In Black 개월 전
Could you sound anymore lame?
Wow that def he’s dad talking to him u can hear mom telling him “papa is proud” u go Boyee Tiger this what’s happen when I pray n turn your life around n start to live right again in honor off he’s father n all the work they put in to let the world know he’s the best in GOLF
michael parham
michael parham 2 개월 전
I love you Tiger Woods!! Good job!!l your back!! May God continue to Bless you and your children!!
JSRJ B 2 개월 전
@4:21 He looks like his Dad.
Moises De Leon
Moises De Leon 2 개월 전
Congratulations Tiger. Welcome back Champ. You are a true champion overcoming fear and emotions. You just showed the world that you can overcome all odds. Good job.
J the Batchelor
J the Batchelor 2 개월 전
Tiger hits it not only where he wants to hit it but how he wants to hit it! When Tiger was 6months he was training everyday! Other golfers are cool but ur Not Tiger!
pfahey49 2 개월 전
As you get older competing at a world class level becomes exceptionally hard even for someone as talented as Tiger Woods. Like Rocky said, life’s hard and it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep on going. Great job Tiger you are truly inspirational to all who ever competed in any sport.
Tiger "remember when u all used to watch me and I was better than everyone else" PGA tour Players " Yeah" Tiger "Yeah Nothing has changed"
Jahmar Clark
Jahmar Clark 2 개월 전
Watching the masters is like watching the nba finals to me
erniedawg 2 개월 전
Tiger Woods is back. Game over.
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
The softest part of a woman's breast is? 2 개월 전
*He should keep that hat on or shave that head!*
Shane Phillips
Shane Phillips 2 개월 전
This may be one of the top 10 improbable comeback stories in any field of endeavor, in the history of mankind.
Trusten Baker
Trusten Baker 2 개월 전
Most popular win in my life time. Well that and Kimi winning the USA Grand Prix.
Bella Brenda
Bella Brenda 2 개월 전
Black people always shine.
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