Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

11 일 전

We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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soft kitten
soft kitten 16 시간 전
finally the flop is in a video for once
Sarah Trys
Sarah Trys 16 시간 전
The doctor is like “Wtf” the more they speak😂😂
David Paris
David Paris 16 시간 전
TheGreat Potato
TheGreat Potato 16 시간 전
24:31 ''I'll make my way towards the special hole'' Hahahha I can't!
M Zameer
M Zameer 16 시간 전
“Stop smacking mom” 🤣🤣🤣
kenisha charles
kenisha charles 17 시간 전
*sees video in recommend * no one: literally no one: me:yall gonna eat eachother?
PrideFagChristiffer 17 시간 전
Grayson's dick at 22:41 you're welcome
Kiều Trinh Nguyễn Linh
Kiều Trinh Nguyễn Linh 17 시간 전
no wayy this got demonetized
Rock Land
Rock Land 17 시간 전
chěrrïïshyű `
chěrrïïshyű ` 17 시간 전
No one: Literally No one: Me: 2 dudes chillin' in a who-hoom. 🎵🐦😚 *I hate myself* 💀☠
B. akrigg
B. akrigg 18 시간 전
Hi I’m a triplet. K bye
Ava Dalton
Ava Dalton 18 시간 전
Lisa how did you do it btw I love you to
Kailyn Allenn
Kailyn Allenn 18 시간 전
'Yo stop disrespecting mom' AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I SNORTEd ahahahhahahahAhhah
Thickness Kween OwO
Thickness Kween OwO 19 시간 전
Which one came first
Angel Zalsos Styles
Angel Zalsos Styles 19 시간 전
I really like Grayson, who's urs?
Caitlin Claire
Caitlin Claire 19 시간 전
Doctor: umm these twins are asking weird questions
rakelg 19 시간 전
"grethan was like a little slime guy" doctor : smiles as if G n E are crazy "sure"
*sToP sMaCkInG mOm*
20 시간 전
Lmao imagine their mother walking in on them while in their “trimester” and thinking what she did wrong😂😂
Cota bear19
Cota bear19 20 시간 전
Me and my identical twin should do this
Mercedes Marissa
Mercedes Marissa 20 시간 전
I don't think we should pee in it LMAO
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 20 시간 전
Anybody else see that at 22:42 🤤
Kinda Eilish
Kinda Eilish 21 시간 전
I only watch their videos when I feel like watching two dumbasses fight over something they’re both completely wrong about
Jess Witts
Jess Witts 21 시간 전
It honestly freaks me out how and why men would want to be an OBGYN. Like why is it that they would be so interested in that, that they would want to do that for their job? 😬 Like no offence tho
What’s It to ya
What’s It to ya 21 시간 전
That doctor is hella creepy he is like so quiet then he was like “aWEsOmE”
sevinvin 21 시간 전
i love how the doctor answers every question with a face like "bitch what"
Triniti Graham
Triniti Graham 21 시간 전
He looked so freaked out in the beginning 😂😂
Trinity Wilson
Trinity Wilson 21 시간 전
That guy was so weirded out 🤣👏🏽🤣👏🏽
Alaina 06
Alaina 06 22 시간 전
The thumbnail reminded me of the twins in Ouran High School Host Club
Ashley.nicole.tucker 22 시간 전
*”Grethan was Goopy”*
kennedy velasco
kennedy velasco 22 시간 전
why does the doctor look so concern 😂😭
Tania Hickey
Tania Hickey 22 시간 전
When your smoking weed and you start to think 1:15 &16:40
Kemi Kolajo
Kemi Kolajo 22 시간 전
Are u gay ?????
comedy and documentary
comedy and documentary 22 시간 전
Ava Notch
Ava Notch 22 시간 전
This video just made me more confused about life
Ava Notch
Ava Notch 22 시간 전
Ya I have questions all the time about everything
Ava Notch
Ava Notch 22 시간 전
I just noticed that their total different skin colors
Gracious grace
Gracious grace 23 시간 전
I love this fun science experiment hehe
Emanuel Konelio
Emanuel Konelio 23 시간 전
Yous had sex in their ulala
It’s Kayy
It’s Kayy 23 시간 전
I guess Grayson was always a little THICCC😂😂
Saige Cushing
Saige Cushing 23 시간 전
gray: "i have never been so happy to be out of a placenta in my life" ahaha
Keelyn Berrey
Keelyn Berrey 23 시간 전
Lol I love this 😂❤️
KT Nation
KT Nation 23 시간 전
You forgot to add more water as time went on
Dakota Marie
Dakota Marie 23 시간 전
15:26 the simulator begins
Delena4ever #TVD
Delena4ever #TVD 23 시간 전
am i the only one who found the doctor creepy😳
Sunny.Moon -Never give up
Sunny.Moon -Never give up 23 시간 전
“I was the nicer one from the beginning” “ *what happened* “ 😂💀
KT Nation
KT Nation 23 시간 전
Me and all of my siblings were 7,8, or 9 pounds🤔
Naya Mesidor
Naya Mesidor 일 전
Fun fact: Twins normally aren't in the womb for a full 9 months cuz it's to much for the mom to handle. So of they really were in there for 9 months and were 16 pounds together their mom is a real superhero
awexsis gamez
awexsis gamez 일 전
1:53 - 2:08 C A N C E L L E D
valXO05 일 전
I did not know amniotic fluid is pee lol and i had a son 😂 wow. Im slow
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 일 전
Adorable, slightly disturbing & funny. Well done guys 😄👍
ella e
ella e 일 전
do you know cory brown
It’s Pëytøn
It’s Pëytøn 일 전
Do they not realize one of them was a mistake
valXO05 일 전
They make my day!! They are literally so damn funny😂😍
Mel Rose
Mel Rose 일 전
Rebecca Penton
Rebecca Penton 일 전
You literally see Dr. Otts facial expression with some of these questions.. HoW dUmB aRe ThEsE bOyS??!?!??!? 😂😂😂
Neileen Perez
Neileen Perez 일 전
Wait in I the only one but dosn the doctor kinda just a little remind u of James Charles (just a little)
Neileen Perez
Neileen Perez 일 전
Kae K
Kae K 일 전
Do they still have the warehouse
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez 일 전
“Stop disrespecting mom” 13:26 that was them in the making
iiib3n 일 전
do they realize that one of them was a 𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓴𝓮
Shercan 일 전
Poor doctor
Hannah Shea
Hannah Shea 일 전
Ethan: I kinda wanted another bite of that Grayson: I don’t care your a little bitch. THAT HAD ME DED AHHAHAH
Mattie Reynolds
Mattie Reynolds 일 전
Is it just me or did Ethan and Grayson switch spots on the purple couch?😂
Kyla Oakley
Kyla Oakley 일 전
The doctor looked so annoyed
Paddy Mordit
Paddy Mordit 일 전
Title should be Ethan and Grayson be clueless about pregnancy for 28 min
Skye_ Line
Skye_ Line 일 전
Ethan: "We have all the notes that Dr. Ott gave us" Me: *giggles* Me: hehe Dr. Oz
gloria amador
gloria amador 일 전
i was watching it and my mom heard " stop smacking mom" she looked at me and asked to see my computer
Bailey Merritt
Bailey Merritt 일 전
I hope twins know that one of them is a mistake
Tobias Dont matter
Tobias Dont matter 일 전
MUMS?!? DOCTOR! DID YOU JUST GENDER PROFILE EVERY PREGNANT BEING EVER???? waiting for controversial back lash 👹
Elizabeth Ortega
Elizabeth Ortega 일 전
“Womb mates again” part tWo (oh boy a throwback). I can’t be the only one who remembers the original video lmao
Elizabeth Ortega
Elizabeth Ortega 일 전
oh shit it’s a throwback to “birthday challenge” video oh my god
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