Yesterworld: The Downfall of Mickey’s Toontown & Magic Kingdom's Toontown Fair

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Take a deep dive into the History and downfall of Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland & Mickey’s Birthdayland, Starland & Toontown Fair at The Magic Kingdom, and what led to their eventual demise. The Evolution & History of how Mickey’s Birthdayland at Walt Disney World evolved into Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland.
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Brigit 11 시간 전
I have such fond memories of Toontown Fair, and since I haven't been back to WDW since the Fantasyland expansion, it's still there in my head... As much as I'm eager to see all the new things Fantasyland has to offer next time I visit, I think I'll still always feel a little bit of sadness for Toontown Fair's loss.
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 15 시간 전
Imagine being the Mickey in the dressing room. Day out...yeesh shoot me now
hio 일 전
Might as well, I'm leaving a comment down below
SmokieTheDog 일 전
They are also getting Runaway Railway. I think it was the president of *Disneyland* holding a blueprint that said Mickey’s Runaway Railway!
Crystal Keyblade
Crystal Keyblade 2 일 전
Wait, guests werent allowed to ho into the rooms at Mickey's house? ...I think I might have been trespassing when I was a kid because I vividly remember going into those rooms and nobody ever corrected me about it lol
prod by sleepi
prod by sleepi 2 일 전
I have footage of myself having a full on tea party with Minnie in the early 2000. No one around in the middle of January.
Meliecho 3 일 전
I went to Toontown in 1993 and had a blast. I came away with some great memories. My dad bought me the Rockin' Toontown tape, and I played that thing through countless times. I know parks change as times and popular shows come around, so I'm not too upset - that's just part of having a theme park, but those of us who went have these memories. Children after us will build memories in the parks that came after. When something happens to the Cars land, those people who experienced it as kids will feel the same way we of the Toontown era do. I hope they find a way to keep Mini and Mickey's houses somewhere, though. They are the iconic characters of Disneyland, and not just a single show or era.
Macaila Wilkins
Macaila Wilkins 6 일 전
I miss toon town
jasodoa JJO
jasodoa JJO 7 일 전
Toon town: exists. Universal studios: we fucked up on rides
Evanski 8 일 전
Toon town online tho
Mr. Yi
Mr. Yi 8 일 전
Safety First!
Steamy Tank
Steamy Tank 8 일 전
*Anybody for a cheese sandwich*
Rick McKee
Rick McKee 9 일 전
Omg!! A moment to shout-out my ‘Florida mom’, Michelle Amato, singing the birthday-land express song! She’s talked about & sung this for me a million times, but this is the first time I’ve heard the real thing! 💙 Sending this to her. If I’m not mistaken, this was her first Disney session. Her vocal sound became the iconic sound of the parks that we love... Remember The Magic, Spectromagic, & nearly all of their decades-to-follow worth of park shows & entertainment worldwide. I’ll brag about her since she won’t. 😉💕 Love this video!
Spencer W.
Spencer W. 9 일 전
Wayne Allwine’s Mickey voice from the early 90s onward was definitely the best voice the character’s ever had. Whether or not it’s Wayne in these earlier clips, it just really sounds like a guy doing a falsetto and not like Mickey’s natural tone, yknow?
XD 9 일 전
I've never been to Disneyland and most probably won't ever be able to afford such a journey, but your video is very interesting - good job.
LegoEngineer003 10 일 전
I miss Toontown, and reading the Kingdom Keepers series really shows how much has changed in such a relatively short time
darkprotogirl 10 일 전
Oh man, I remember going to Toontown in 2010 with a friend I met in Toontown Online. Good times. Gonna miss toontown, I wanted to go back sometime but that never happened.
michelle Udontneedtoknow
michelle Udontneedtoknow 10 일 전
Toontown is gone? Aw I only went to MK once bk in 1996, & I loved it
Jerry Paulus
Jerry Paulus 10 일 전
His first movie wasn’t steamboat willie it was something related to Mortimer mouse
Aaron Snyder
Aaron Snyder 10 일 전
It’s called masclophopia
Aaron Snyder
Aaron Snyder 10 일 전
I also have a fear of mascots
Yokomation Studios
Yokomation Studios 11 일 전
Kinda wished mickey was alot more Happy on the tumbnail
F.L.Watch 12 일 전
And the game got shut down by Disney, yet saved by fans and turned into ToonTown Rewritten.
Hustling Ethan201
Hustling Ethan201 12 일 전
Anyone for a cheese sandwich?
JetblackThemeTime 12 일 전
Disney Channel? I watched that on ABC!
Gojiboiearth 1964
Gojiboiearth 1964 12 일 전
3:09 goofy voice 😅
thebunnyfoofoo 12 일 전
I really do not like the current circus theme in Magic Kingdom. They wanted to make it look less cheap. and then they made it cheaper looking. They even had a fancy circus at Disney World already, Cirque de Soleil (although, I think it is currently getting a new Cirque show replacing La Nouba). Even the use of animals in the circus as entertainment has not held up over time.
Sona Avakian
Sona Avakian 12 일 전
Does anyone remember toon town the Disney online game? Me and my best friend played it all the time.
Colin LooksBack
Colin LooksBack 12 일 전
I used to be a character attendant at the then-newly-opened Storybook Circus. While it was a great experience, I felt awkward when guests would ask me where Mickey and Minnie's houses were. I told them a half-lie that they'd been moved over to Disneyland CA. After all, how are you gonna tell people that Mickey's house was demolished?
Kid Flash
Kid Flash 12 일 전
I have a picture in front on the cartoon event ribbon with Mickey holding me when I was 11 months old
Oscar Zen
Oscar Zen 13 일 전
Mickey going in the detective's office reminds me of epic mickey😖
Amree C
Amree C 13 일 전
I barely started watching your videos and the moment the intro to your video showed the ride in Tomorrowland, that used to be on the railing that went around the area. My heart dropped, I thought I was the only one to remembered that cool ride.
Lisa Rohland
Lisa Rohland 13 일 전
17:05 hidden Mickey!!
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch 13 일 전
So WDW replaced Toontown with Dumbo, Mr. Toad with Pooh, Snow White with a Meet & Greet, Submarines with Little Mermaid, and Canoes with Nothing, but Disneyland however has all 9 of these attractions, despite being a much smaller park. What gives????
Arthur Amazons
Arthur Amazons 13 일 전
I love the mascots
Angel Singer
Angel Singer 14 일 전
Definitely do the circus video! 🎪
Cool Vibes
Cool Vibes 14 일 전
The only memory I have of this, was the time my sister smashed my finger with the fridge.
Red Jet 7059
Red Jet 7059 15 일 전
I wanna see mickey mouse circus’ history
Bridget Mistry
Bridget Mistry 15 일 전
When is the next episode gonna be uploaded
Reman 15 일 전
First, his girlfriend dies, and now, those Cogs take away his home and friends!? This is unacceptable!
Rachel M-G
Rachel M-G 15 일 전
Are those the Olsen twins at 7:58 or is it just my imagination. Edit: and again at 8:10
Jonah Snyder
Jonah Snyder 15 일 전
I'd LOVE to see an episode on the failed Mickey Mouse Club Circus!
Michael 15 일 전
Great work! I was working at Disney during those years, prepping the studio for opening at the time Birthdayland opened. We actually went over fairly regularly (the train was the ONLY way to enter, if I recall) because Disney gave away FREE birthday cake (white with white icing and colored sprinkles... no candles). I had no special insights about the spot, but I recall the talk was that it was intended only as a temporary thing. And it felt VERY temporary. But yet, it was far more popular than anticipated. (Who wouldn't have anticipated it be busy?) Anyway, the cake was great and years later I loved carrying my daughter to Disney and telling her how I used to live and work right alongside Mickey!
Zack Lunas
Zack Lunas 15 일 전
Not sure if this is a typo, but on a map I got from Magic Kingdom a few months ago the Goofy plane rollercoaster is still listed as the Barnstormer
Zack Lunas
Zack Lunas 12 일 전
Oh ok
ThePirateprincess23 12 일 전
It is called The Barnstormer featuring The Great Goofini. It is not a typo.
No and yes Yes and no
No and yes Yes and no 15 일 전
*More safety concerns*
Ian Neilson
Ian Neilson 16 일 전
When I was five years old I went to Disneyland (not from the US, so was a big deal). The one thing I remember is that I went on some kind of boat play house and there was a periscope that I really wanted to try but when I did it stunk really, really bad (I think it was the cleaning product on it). Thank you for helping me unravel more information about where that was!
MegaSocky 16 일 전
Tbh i only liked toontown for the Game rather than the film/character meets. Its still one of my favorite lands though (and still exist in Tokyo disneyland). Never rode the Trolly though and had no clue it bounced around like that. I did play in the bounce house before in japan but they recently replaced it as some splatoon esque digital paint game where you shoot paint guns and change the colors of the furniture. Never knew chip and dale had actual playing stuff. Its probably my least favorite house to visit including Donalds boat and theres literally a queue for Minnies house
Meghan DeCoteau
Meghan DeCoteau 16 일 전
I definitely would like to see a Mickey Mouse circus episode!!
Joel Spears
Joel Spears 17 일 전
Sure. Show us more about the 🎪!
Lesli Tyler
Lesli Tyler 17 일 전
“I promised I would never let anything happen to him”. “Huh, that’s a funny thing to promise”. “What?” “Well, you can’t never let anything happen to him, then nothing would ever happen to him...not much fun for little Horpo”.
tarra ferrante
tarra ferrante 17 일 전
Can you do Akbars adventure tours from busch gardens tampa?
Bill Strain
Bill Strain 17 일 전
Do Mickey mouse club cercse
LaRosePetite 17 일 전
I went to Minnie’s house! I have a few really cute pictures!
Alex 18 일 전
I'm disappointed that you didn't mention Toontown Online, it was based on the Toontown part of the park with stuff like the Jolly Trolley and other things. The game was much of my childhood, I had no idea it was based on an attraction in Disneyland.
Francesca Batley
Francesca Batley 18 일 전
I’m sad that I’ve never been able to experience Toontown Fair at Disney World, but in a way it’s nice that it’s not so easily found at every park. So now i’ve GOT to go to California or Japan ! 😃😂
Mari Flame
Mari Flame 18 일 전
Wow, looks like the Toontown in California was a lot better than the one I remember visiting several times in Florida.
Egg 18 일 전
You know where they found that Picture of Mickey they used in the intro I can’t find it online
Brendan Linebarger
Brendan Linebarger 18 일 전
Please cover Mickey Mouse club circus! I wanna know the historyyyyy
InsaneKcin 18 일 전
At least toontown got to end on a good note with the online game
Gamer_ Grill
Gamer_ Grill 18 일 전
0:34 ok that was cute lmao
Sky He
Sky He 18 일 전
When I saw this video I instantly thought of the fight
Santiaqo 19 일 전
i was a kid when magic kingdom had toon town and remembered all the things in it i remember going into the houses and the boat
Daniel Alcaraz
Daniel Alcaraz 19 일 전
Shout out to Justin Scarred/Randomland 13:56
Ruben Olsrud
Ruben Olsrud 19 일 전
There were Beagle Boys characters and a planned Gyro Gearloose-ride?! How much Carl Barks could it have been in the parks? Would the next have been a money bin?
The Star Wars Fangirl 77
The Star Wars Fangirl 77 19 일 전
Take a shot everytime you hear 'safety concerns' in the video
smsararosy86 19 일 전
Please do the circus 🤹‍♂️
Daniella Wilson
Daniella Wilson 20 일 전
would love to see a video about mickeys circus!
Night Shadow
Night Shadow 20 일 전
My kid in the future: Let me guess... your favorite area of the park? Me: It was... and it was beautiful. Toontown Fair was like most themed lands, too many mouths, not enough to go around, and when they faced re-branding, I offered a solution... My kid: Restoration? Me: But random, its passion is fair for kids and adults alike. They called me a madman. And what I predicted came to pass...
Ryan Lifesword
Ryan Lifesword 21 일 전
maybe toontown was torn down to make room for star wars galaxy's edge
jetohu 21 일 전
The first time I heard that birthday song used by Disney was in 1984 When Donald Duck's birthday had a TV special.
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